7 Best Cameras For Cats


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Having a furry companion at home is a great way to relax and get snuggles. Cats have a lot of love to provide, but they also have many mischiefs to squander. Due to their silly ways, many cat owners watch their furry friends on camera while away from home. These cameras catch the funniest and naughtiest moments each cat takes part in.

If you are a cat lover and want to know what your cat is up to all day, you are not alone. However, picking the right camera for the job can be quite difficult. Cats are nimble beasts and can be hard to spot on camera. Keep reading to learn about the seven best cameras to watch your cats.

The Best Cameras for Cats

There are thousands of cameras on the market. These cameras boast great functionality, easy setup, and voice assistant compatibility. Others claim the best image quality, capture speeds, and live streams. When it all comes down to the best cameras, though, they should have a combination of all these features. 

This makes these seven cameras the absolute best for cat watching:

  1. Eufy Indoor Tilt
  2. Wyze Cam V3
  3. DOGNESS WiFi Camera Pet Treat Dispenser
  4. Furbo Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser
  5. PetCube Cam
  6. Arf Pets Smart Auto Wi-Fi Pet Feeder With HD Camera
  7. Pawbo

These seven cameras are highly rated based on customer reviews on Amazon and pet lovers globally. These pet cams have all the bells and whistles that any owner can dream of when buying a pet camera to watch and enjoy their pets on. Keep reading to learn more about why these cameras are truly the best on the market.

Eufy Indoor Tilt

This indoor camera is a great option for watching your cat or pets in general at home. It is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, and WiFi, making it versatile. It can also connect to HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Alexa. It records in 2k and can pan 360 degrees horizontally. It also has two-way audio, so you can talk to your pet while you are away.

Wyze Cam V3

The Wyze Cam V3 is another great camera that can be used to watch your pets play while you are away. It is especially beneficial for low-light or nighttime videos. The night imaging is clear compared to most models picking up your feline friend’s zoomies at all hours. The app required to use is free and does not require a subscription. Plus, the camera is extremely affordable.

The Wyze Cam V2 is also great, but it doesn’t connect to other smart home devices.

DOGNESS WiFi Camera Pet Treat Dispenser

Although the name sounds deceiving, this is a great pet camera to watch cats too. Not only can you watch them, but they can be rewarded with treats. It has a wide-angled lens and is controlled via a mobile app. IT can take pictures or record videos which is great if you want a keepsake of your furry feline’s silly antics.

Furbo Camera and Pet Treat Dispenser

The Furbo might be marketed toward dogs, but it is also an amazing camera for cats. It works with Alexa and Alexa screen devices like the Echo Show. It’s got two-way audio, can give them treats, and has audio detection in case your cat misses you and is yowling away. 

Even better, it can be hooked up with Amazon Astro to monitor your entire home and find your cat in another room to check on them.

PetCube Cam HD Monitoring With Vet Chat

This is more of a basic camera for a simple HD visual on your kitty during work or school hours. It has a lens that supports 110-degree wide-angle imaging and can visualize your cat at night for up to 30 feet. If your cat is being noisy, the camera will alert you on its app. You can also use the app to talk to a vet if something goes awry and you are worried about your kitty.

Arf Pets Smart Auto Wi-Fi Pet Feeder With HD Camera

This food-dispensing camera will feed your kitty based on a schedule. This will help you keep your cat on a diet long-term. It also provides an app to track their feeding quantities and habits. It is break-in proof and provides video and pictures to the owner through its easy-to-use app. The only downside is it is expensive compared to other cameras.

Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

This camera is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, and Wi-Fi. It records in 720p, which is lower quality than the other cameras. It has a two-way radio and allows you to dispense treats to your cat when you are away through its app. The free app is a major plus because the treat dispenser is known to malfunction at times.

A Purrfect Solution

While the fur parents away, the cats and other pets will play. This is why installing a pet camera is the best option. Not only can you watch your pawesome friend’s furry antics, but you can ensure they are safe while you are away.

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