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7 Best Camera Deals For Prime Day 2022

Last Updated Jun 27, 2022
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Looking to purchase a new camera but don’t want to overpay? Prime Day is the way to go! Every year, Amazon provides an incredible two-day sale when tons of your favorite items are sold at serious discounts. So let’s find out what the seven best camera deals are for Prime Day 2022 right now! 

While some of these deals are happening right now, they could become even more discounted on Prime Day. Some offers are good for the 48-hour window, while others drop in price for just a few hours! In this article, we will discuss what each of these impressive cameras has to offer so you can decide which ones to keep your eye on as the day approaches. 

7 Best Camera Deals for Prime Day 2022

Based on the cameras which were discounted last year, as well as what is on sale now, we have a list of the makes and models that we think are sure to be the best camera deals for Prime Day 2022. 

  • Canon EOS 2000D DSLR Camera
  • KODAK M35 35mm Reusable Film Camera
  • Nikon D3500
  • Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera
  • GoPro HERO10 Black
  • KODAK PIXPRO Astro Zoom
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Now, we’re going to describe what each of these cameras offers, what they typically cost, and their current sale price. 

Canon EOS 2000D DSLR Camera

Canon is typically one of the top brands on sale during Prime Day, and the Canon EOS 2000D is a great choice for your new camera! While it’s a little on the pricey side, this camera literally does it all. 

While the Canon EOS was originally made with expert photographers in mind, landscape shooting, travel, weddings and events, and portraits will all be easy to shoot, even for the novice, due to the impressive RF lens. 

Here are some of the spec highlights: 

  • 30.3M Megapixel
  • Same Full-frame CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 8 Image Processor as 5D Mark IV.
  • Varied Angle Screen that flips out.
  • Face Detect Function
  • High-Resolution EVF Focus Peaking

The only downsides to the Canon EOS are that there is no stabilization, videos are not shot in full 4K resolution, and there is only one SD card slot. 

KODAK M35 35mm Reusable Film Camera

Looking for a fun little camera to capture precious moments and have them printed for permanent memories? The Kodak M35 is a reusable film camera with a built-in flash that will make you feel like it’s 1999 again!

With a fixed-focus and a wide-angle lens, this camera, though not digital, will certainly produce good quality photos with none of the hassles of a fancy camera. 

Nikon D3500

This Amazon deal is pretty impressive. Not only does it come with the Nikon D3500 but it also has a 64GB SD Card, a large camera bag, filter kit, spare battery, and a telephoto lens. 

But the camera itself is the big prize here! It is a great DSLR camera for beginners and experts alike. It’s compact and easy to travel with all while providing excellent image quality. 

It also offers 5fps continuous shooting and automatic image transfer via Bluetooth. But unfortunately, the video mode does not offer 4K recording or contrast-based live view. 

Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera

The Sony ZV-1 is considered to be one of the best cameras for on-the-go video blogging. Its tiny size is great for travel as it weighs less than a pound and can fit in the palm of your hand.

The great news is that image quality is pretty incredible, and not just for such a small device, compared to most cameras available today. 

The autofocus option includes hybrid phase-detect and contrast-detect, as well as face and eye AF and real-time tracking. The only disadvantage is that there is no viewfinder, you need to use the screen to frame your shot. 

GoPro HERO10 Black

The most popular waterproof action cameras on the market are made by GoPro and the HERO10 is a fan favorite due to its small size, durability, and 5.3K 60fps abilities.

Some of the spec highlights include:

  • Excellent image stabilization.
  • Still images from 5.3K video.
  • Wi-Fi and USB transfer to smart devices.
  • Hydrophobic lens coating.
  • New 4K/120p mode.

While some consumers have been disappointed by the short battery life and the price point, now that it’s on sale, it might just be exactly what you were looking for! 


The Kodak PIXPRO is great for amateur photographers as it is compact, easy to use, and takes fantastic photos! 

It offers incredible specs such as face detection, smile and blink detection for the perfect photo every time, a 42x optical zoom, a 24mm wide-angle lens, as well as panoramic mode, and optimal stabilization. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

An instant camera is a super fun addition to your travel bag! Whether you are going to a friend’s birthday party, on vacation to an exotic location, or just want to be able to capture the moment at any time, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera might just be the perfect camera for you! 

It captures bright and dark backgrounds, offers a selfie mode option, and has a lightweight body so that you can easily take it anywhere. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the six best camera deals for Prime Day 2022, you are ready for one of the biggest deals of the year! 

Remember, there are going to be a lot of cameras on sale from the end of June into the first two weeks of July, so if you are a Prime member, make sure you do your research now and decide which cameras you want to keep your eyes on!

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