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6 Ways Kids Hack iOS Screen Time Restrictions

Last Updated Oct 27, 2022
kid playing on ipad

Kids these days are smart, and they have found several ways to hack the restrictions and use the device for longer than you want them to! So let’s find out the 6 ways kids hack iOS screen time restrictions.

In this article, we will learn how kids use these tactics to hack Apple’s screen time restrictions, as well as how you can stop them! Keep reading because you are going to be a screen time restriction expert in no time. 

How Do Kids Hack iOS Screen Time Restrictions?

It’s vital to understand that today’s generation has a far better understanding of technology than we did at their age. And some of these hacks may seem advanced, but it’s highly likely that your child can figure them out! 

Realistically, there are 6 ways that kids can hack the iOS screen time restrictions:

They Know Your Password

When you enter the screen time password onto the device, you have to be extremely careful that your child can’t see it! 

They could be looking over your shoulder, watching your fingers move across the keypad, or seeing it in the reflection of your glasses. 

With A Third-Party Unlocking App

 While using a third-party unlocking app is a little more advanced and may not be accessible for some young children, anyone who is fairly tech-savvy will be able to figure it out. 

There are tons of free apps that kids can download and use to unlock the restrictions on their devices. 

Changing The Time Zone On The Device Clock

One of the simplest ways that a child can get around the screen time restriction you set is by changing the time zone! 

So while you set the final time at 4:00 PM, the device thinks it’s only 11:00 AM.

By Deleting And Reinstalling Any App

If you set a time limit on a specific app on the device, your child can get rid of it by simply deleting and reinstalling that app! 

Using In-App Browsers

Many apps, such as Gmail or Facebook messenger, allow users to browse the internet without using the Safari browser. 

So if you set a limit on Safari, they can simply open another app to gain access.  

Restoring The Device To Factory Settings 

After you set the screen time restrictions on your child’s device, they can easily opt to restore the device to its factory settings and get rid of all restrictions in just a few minutes! 

It’s important to note that your kids don’t have to think of these tactics themselves. 

There are dozens of YouTube videos and forums online that kids can watch and read to learn how to hack the screen time restrictions in seconds. 

So let’s find out what you can do to prevent them from getting away with it!

What Can You Do to Prevent Screen Time Restriction Hacking?

Now, you may feel overwhelmed with all the ways that your kid could potentially hack the screen time restrictions on their Apple device. But don’t worry; for every hack tactic, there is a way to stop it! 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep your password private. Make sure when you enter your password that your child cannot see the screen, your fingers moving, or the reflection behind you! As well, make sure it’s not easy to guess or the same password as anything else in your home. 
  • Check the device on a regular basis. You should look to see if they downloaded an unlocking app, changed the time zone, deleted and reinstalled an app, or restored the device to factory settings at least once a week to ensure the screen time restrictions are still in place. 
  • Delete any in-app browsing options. Although this tactic may be a little extreme, you can delete any apps, such as Gmail and Facebook messenger, that allow for in-app browsing if you feel your child may be using them to break the rules. 
  • Keep an eye on the time. While this means more work for you, you should be aware of how long your child has been on the device. If it’s longer than the screen time restriction you implemented, it’s likely they have hacked the system in one of the 6 ways mentioned above. 

Being a parent is a lot of work, and although the iOS screen time restrictions will save you time and energy, the system is not yet perfect and you still have to pay attention to what they are doing on the device. 

The Bottom Line

As a parent, you want to keep your kids safe and healthy, and one of the ways to do that is to ensure they don’t live on a screen all day or have access to many of the negative aspects of the internet. 

And now that you know how they can hack the screen time restrictions on their devices and how to prevent them from doing so, you can do your job and ensure to keep their screen time to a minimum!