6 Reasons Why Your Spotify Account Was Deleted

Listening to Taylor Swift's Red album on SpotifyListening to Taylor Swift's Red album on Spotify

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You get home to workout and listen to Spotify on your Echelon bike but notice that your account is disabled. This can be frustrating, so why was your Spotify account deleted or disabled?

Your Spotify account can be deleted because of:

  1. Fraudulent activity
  2. Chargeback or Non-Sufficient Funds
  3. Profile was deleted
  4. Terms and conditions were violated
  5. Account deleted intentionally
  6. There is no reason

All of these reasons can be extremely frustrating. Keep reading to learn about these reasons and what to do if it happens to you.

Spotify Detected Fraudulent Activity

Spotify actively monitors its user’s accounts to ensure fraud does not occur. Fraud can be considered:

  • Someone is trying to access your account without permission
  • A new user signing in from a new computer without verification
  • A new user signing in from a new location in the world
  • Someone trying to log in who fails a user verification

Since many people use a premium subscription to access Spotify, their credit card credentials could be at risk. As such, Spotify will disable an account with suspicious activity.

A sign of this happening is if Spotify continuously pauses.

What to do if There was Fraudulent Activity on Your Spotify Account

Spotify provides users with a comprehensive list of possible ideas to help solve a problem when your account has a suspicious login attempt. These suggestions are:

  • Reset your password in your account settings
  • Sign out of all Spotify accounts and sign back in 
  • Remove third-party app access, such as Facebook
  • Log in and reconnect your accounts after a successful disconnect

Changing your password is one of the best ways to avoid fraud. Ensure it is a complex password that is hard to guess.

There was a Chargeback on Your Spotify Account

A chargeback may occur if you do not have enough money to cover your Spotify subscription. When this happens, your Spotify account will be disabled until payment can be made.

What to do if There was a Chargeback on Your Spotify Account

After experiencing a chargeback, follow these steps to update your billing information and get Spotify working once more:

  1. Log in to your Spotify account
  2. Click your account icon
  3. Click ‘Your Plan’
  4. Select ‘Update’
  5. Enter the new payment method  you want to use for your monthly subscription

Once you have updated the billing, the account will update immediately. This means all your prior access will return to normal, and you can enjoy your favorite music again.

If you don’t have the funds or are switching from a Spotify student discount plan, you can cancel Spotify premium without closing your account entirely. You will just use Spotify free.

The Account Associated With Spotify was Deleted

If you signed up with your Google or Facebook account to use Spotify and deactivated or deleted one of these accounts, your Spotify account is also deleted. 

What to do if the Account Associated With Spotify was Deleted

You need to create a new account with an active email address to fix this issue. This will allow you to get back into Spotify to find your favorite playlist and songs.

Spotify’s Terms and Conditions are not Being Followed

If Spotify determines that you are not following its terms and conditions, your account will be deleted or disabled. The terms and conditions for using Spotify are lengthy but include:

  • Age restrictions
  • Billing
  • Brand or copyright infringement
  • License issues
  • Customer complaints
  • Disputes

This very limited list of items could cause an account to be disabled. If you break any of these, or the other terms and conditions, you could face a ban from the website.

What to do if the Account was Deleted Due to Terms and Conditions

If your account was deleted due to a violation of terms and conditions, you would need to contact Spotify customer support through the Spotify website.

The Spotify Account was Deleted

Spotify will prompt you to sign up or tell you the login information entered is incorrect or not associated with an account.

What to do if Account was Deleted, but you Changed Your Mind

If you have decided you did not want actually to delete your account, after all, you may be looking for a way to recover it. Fortunately, you can follow these steps to do so:

  1. Go to the chargebacks page on your computer or smartphone
  2. Fill out the form provided on the website
  3. Wait for an email from Spotify
  4. Open the email and follow the instructions
  5. Your account will be recovered in 5-7 business days

Once your account is recovered, you can listen to music as usual. Your favorite playlists should be saved and ready to go in the Spotify app.

There is no Real Reason Your Spotify Account was Deleted

If you did not ask for your account to be deleted and have yet to get an email on your laptop from Spotify, it is best to contact their customer support team.

Someone could have deleted your Spotify, or there could have been no reason at all.

How to Reopen a Spotify Account that was Deleted

If you have deleted your account and want to recover it without calling customer support, then you must go through a special online process to recover the account. That process is:

  1. On your computer or smartphone, go to the chargebacks page
  2. Use the website’s form to submit your application
  3. Spotify will send you an email
  4. Follow the instructions in the email
  5. It will take 5-7 business days for your account to be recovered

Why Can’t I Make a new Spotify Account?

Use a different email address, or create a new email address to create a new account. Otherwise, recover your account with the information provided above.

Solving Spotify Account Issues

Sometimes Spotify will disable your account. Contact their customer service line if you have tried the fixes above and are still having issues. 

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