6 Best Smart Locks That Work with Google Home

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Isn’t it amazing that Google came up with a convenient way to open your doors with the control of your phone? Not only do these locks allow you to unlock your door from wherever you are, but they help to keep your home safe and secure, without the need for physical house keys. There are a few different types of smart home devices and depending on your preferences.

Smart locks indeed serve the same purpose, but you should know that your preferable device may differ from another in terms of the level of control offered, the price, and the level of reliability. And if you would like to purchase or upgrade to something better, then we have you covered as we’ll be taking a look at some of the best smart locks one can install in their homes. 

Google Nest X Yale Lock

If you are looking for the best devices for your home then Google Nest X Yale Lock should definitely be your first go-to. This is a great choice for you and your home as the best feature of this device is that if anything were to happen in your home, then your phone will immediately be alerted to what is happening. 

These gadgets are compatible with the Google best app that can be installed on your phone, and with this, you can:

  • Easily open the doors for your family and friends wherever you are. 
  • Have the door close behind you as you or someone else leaves. 
  • Lock and unlock the door quickly whenever you want to.
  • Get notifications and alerts whenever something happens in your home. 

Another thing about this amazing device is that lack of power does not raise a worry as all you have to do is change your lock with a 9V battery to unlock it and then you can comfortably access your home.

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Schlage Encode Smart Lock

The Schlage Encode Smart Lock device is another popular device that is being used in homesteads. The unique thing about this lock is that it doesn’t require WIFI or Hub for it to function. It has in-build capabilities that help it to run smoothly. 

Another unique feature about this smart lock that differentiates it from the Google Nest X Yale Lock is the voice command feature that allows you to connect the lock to a speaker and give open and close commands to the lock from anywhere. 

The Schlage Encode Smart Lock is also compatible with a variety of house alarms that you could automate to your preference, ensuring you not only safety and security, but also convenience. 

Igloohome Deadbolt 25 Digital Smart Lock

Igloohome Deadbolt 25 Digital Smart Lock works with high-tech encryption and synchronization modes that do not require internet connectivity. This smart lock can be controlled using Bluetooth or PIN codes that can easily create and input via the Igloohome App from anywhere. 

The Igloohome Deadbolt 25 Digital Smart Lock also comes with physical keys to enhance your flexibility in cases when you do not have your phone with you. 

If you are seeking sleekness plus security, the Igloohome Deadbolt 25 Digital Smart Lock is the best suit for you as it comes in an attractive rectangular matte-black lock with an inbuilt alarm system that alerts you whenever an intruder uses the wrong PIN code more than five times. This lock is highly recommended for use in Airbnb’s as the security codes can easily be shared amongst guests. 

Yale Assure Lever Lock

This smart lock ensures your safety and that of your family by removing the burden of having to carry your keys around everywhere you go with the fear of losing them to the wrong hands. All you are required to do is install the Yale Access App, and when connected to your lock, you can easily lock and unlock your home easily by tapping the right buttons on your screen. 

The convenience offered by Yale Assure Lever Lock allows you the peace and pleasure of easily accessing your home, and on your screen, you can easily keep an eye on whoever enters or leaves your house. It also allows you to connect it to voice command assistants such as Siri and Amazon Alexa, making it easier to control. 

The locks also come with an additional backlit keypad that you can use to input the entry code for days when you do not have your phone, so guess who is not sleeping outside? 

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Unlike the former generations of the August Smart Lock that require a separate Connect Hub, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock offers maximum security by ensuring complete smart home connectivity without separate hubs. It is also compatible with HomeKit, Google Voice Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. 

This smart lock tracks all activity in your home by monitoring whoever is coming and leaving your house, locking and unlocking your door from any location, and additionally updating you on the status of your door by alerting you on whether it is securely locked. 

August Wi-Fi Smart Locks are also very affordable, and can be easily installed by simply attaching it to an already existing deadbolt inside your home. This lock uses Bluetooth energy technology and an additional mode in its two-layer encryption feature, and in case you lose your phone, you can easily regain access by disabling your August app and other connected virtual keys on the August website. 

Narpult Smart Lock 

Narpult Smart Lock is BHMA authenticated, allowing you to enjoy utmost safety and security of your home. This smart lock can be controlled with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and voice control using Amazon’s Alexa device, and you can also lock and unlock your door using the Installed keypad, fingerprints, the app on your smartphone, or using mechanical keys. 

The Narpult Smart Lock also helps you lock your door with preset auto-lock durations, and the built-in alarm speaker alerts you whenever an unknown entry happens in your home. This lock is easy to install, and is highly recommended for exterior doors as it is made of zinc alloy that is suitable for harsh weather conditions. 

In Conclusion

The listed smart lock devices in this article are among the best that can be controlled using Google Assistant right on your phone. When looking for the best smart lock device for your home, either new or for purposes of replacement, keep in mind the listed features in order to make the right comparisons that help you find the best match for your door. 

All these smart locks are available on Amazon; hence your shopping is made easier! Let’s stay safe at home, with Google Home Smart Locks.

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