6 Best Antennas for Samsung Smart TV

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So you are looking for an antenna to go with your Samsung Smart TV. Great choice. An antenna will bring in the channels you want to watch from your local area without having to pay a fee for any cable service. Antennas are a great cost affordable option as an alternative to cable. So what do we look for in a great antenna?

The antennas we rated have the best channel reception out of all brands, giving you the furthest signal reach, best overall performance, and quality of channels you do receive from the antenna. Keep reading to review them.

The Best Samsung Smart TV Antennas

You want to ensure you get all the channels that are available in your area. That is understood. That is why you need the best of the best when it comes to antennas if you are going to be searching for local channels. We took customer reviews and overall performance specifications and listed the best 10 antennas for Samsung Smart TV’s.

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Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro

This antenna includes a built-in amplifier to complement the already outstanding performance that this antenna has. This antenna even includes a signal strength finder so you can find out which area in your household has the greatest reception to get the most channels out of where you place the antenna.

The range of this antenna is 65 miles, which is more than enough coverage to get every channel you want. It even gets 1080p quality which gives you high definition in the channels received.

With a cable length coming in at 16 feet, there is more than enough room to set this antenna wherever you please in your room.

Winegard Elite 7500 Outdoor HDTV Antenna

This antenna reaches up to 70 miles gathering over 70 channels in total. Coming with excellent interference suppression you don’t have to worry about obstacles getting in your way from a good picture.

This outdoor antenna gets the job done whether you are in a rural community or an urban area. This antenna will give you the consistent reception and quality that you deserve in a great antenna.

Mohu Leaf Metro

The Mohu Leaf Metro may not get many channels in reception, but it is one of the lowest costing quality antennas that we found. Even though it may not get many channels, the channels it does get come in at 1080p, giving you the high definition quality you expect out of a great antenna.

The small size of this antenna makes it great for small apartment owners, and people looking to house an antenna discreetly with their decor. This is a great cost-saving alternative to regular cable.

1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna

This amplified antenna will reach over 50 miles and give you over 40 channels to choose from with its reception. Moderately priced and coming with a simple setup, this antenna is sure to satisfy all your needs for channels without the hassle of cable.

This antenna even comes with mounting patches to assist you with the placement of your antenna in your house or apartment. You can also plug this antenna into any wall outlet or USB port, giving it a convenience unparalleled to any other.

Antop AT-800SBS HD Smart Panel Antenna

This thing chalks up a whole 85 miles of distance when it comes to the reach of its reception, earning it a spot on our list. The amount of channels received is estimated at being around 68 in a normal environment.

This antenna includes a 40-foot cable plus 2, 5-foot coaxial cables to assist you with installation in your place. It comes with a variety of mounting materials to ease the installation and can be used both indoors and outdoors, whichever you prefer. It also includes an FM radio option and an adjustable amplifier which can’t be found in most antennas on the market.

Even in outdoor elements, this antenna outperformed other antennas in its class, hands down.

ClearStream MAX-V HDTV Antenna

This antenna on our list reaches over 60 miles and can bring in around 50 channels for your viewing pleasure. It also gets a 1080p reception for your high-definition needs. It may be a little bit bulky and large in size, but it gets great reception both indoors and outdoors.

Competitively priced also, this antenna outperforms others in its class as well, even amplified versions that are in the same class.


There are a few things you want to look at when it comes to looking for a great antenna. This includes the range of the antenna, and how many channels it can receive. Also, the flexibility of the antenna needs to be addressed, as you could be placing the antenna indoors or outdoors. 

You never know when this may change. We hope this gives you a quick breakdown of some popular antennas on the market today to take a look at those who are great performers in their class!

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