5 Tips to Connect Ring Alarm to Wi-Fi

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Connecting your Ring Alarm to your home’s internet is the final step in getting your home security system online and monitoring your property. But because Ring requires certain standards to maintain a strong connection with its devices, you may be wondering about some best practices for connecting your alarm to Wi-Fi.

Ring security products are designed with the homeowner in mind. The Ring Alarm is easily installed and activated, bypassing the need to have a professional install it, along with the added cost. While the setup process is outlined in detail to help you achieve this, certain situations can arise that might require some troubleshooting. Keep reading to learn five important tips to help you connect your Ring Alarm to Wi-Fi.

Have Bluetooth Enabled on Your Smartphone

To complete the connection process, you must have Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone. If you have turned this setting off, or this is the first time you are using it on that device, you will need to enter your phone’s settings and turn it on.

For an iOS device, swipe to open your settings, and then tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it on. If you are running iOS 13, open your privacy settings and enable your Bluetooth sharing to enable the Ring app.

Swipe down to enter your phone settings with an Android device and enable Bluetooth after tapping the icon.

Check Your Bluetooth Connection

Suppose you receive an error message informing you that the connection to the Bluetooth has been lost during the setup process.

In that case, it is possible that you may have either moved too far away from the router and Base Station to finish the process or if you allow too much time to pass with inactivity and the process ends.

Choose Try Again after ensuring that Bluetooth is enabled, and then restart the process. After the setup process is complete for Wi-Fi and the Base Station, you will no longer need Bluetooth to use your Ring Alarm with the app.

Enable Location Access to the Ring App

Some Android phones require location access. Since enabling this setting is required to set up the Ring Alarm in these circumstances, after setup is complete, you have the option to turn location access off to protect your privacy.

Ensure Your Base Station is Compatible

If you have recently moved, there could be an issue with the Ring Base Station. Owning a Base Station designed for an incompatible region will prevent you from connecting your Ring Alarm to the Wi-Fi. It is recommended that you return this Base Station and purchase products designed to work where you currently reside.

Check Your Wi-Fi Signal

Seeing an error message that states, “Something went wrong during setup” can mean that while you have everything you need to complete the process, there could have been a connection issue related to your Wi-Fi signal.

Also, you might not have the proper signal strength to complete the setup. You can try moving the Base Station closer to the router you are attempting to connect to or select Add Network Manually in the Ring app to add the Wi-Fi network yourself. An iOS device will require you to begin the setup process again, while an Android device will rescan for networks.

Troubleshooting the Connection for Ring Alarm and Wi-Fi

Sometimes you may experience the inability to get your Ring Alarm set up with your Wi-Fi. Ring has comprehensive support options on the website to get your connected quickly:

  • When visiting the Ring support site, you have the option to chat directly with a support agent. A pop-up box will appear, allowing you to enter the issue you are experiencing. Visit this link to begin that process.
  • You can also find other ways to obtain support from the same link by calling Ring directly or perusing the community forums for answers to your issue and more.
  • You can also find detailed guides for Ring Alarm online that may solve your connection issues. Click here to access them.


Connecting your Ring Alarm to your home’s Wi-Fi is usually a straightforward process. However, with various smartphones, their settings, and proximity to routers, sometimes you will need to do a bit of investigating to get your system up and running. These helpful tips should get your Ring Alarm connected and monitored quickly.

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