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4 Smart Locks for Outdoor Gates

Last Updated Mar 10, 2022
Metal gate with a lock over it.

Many users of smart home technology are experiencing the many benefits of smart locks on their front doors. But what happens when you also want to secure the outdoor gates surrounding your home? Smart locks for outdoor gates can help you manage access to your yard and home, review activity surrounding your home, and integrate it into your home’s security system all from your smartphone.

What are some of the best smart locks for outdoor gates? Great outdoor smart locks are manufactured by iSmart, Liftmaster, Kiao, and more.

If you’re in the market for a smart lock you can integrate into your smart home, look no further! We put together the best outdoor smart locks, as well as some benefits of integrating them into your smart home.

Try These Smart Locks for Your Outdoor Gate

Outdoor smart locks are great tools to add to your home. These automatic access locks provide you with added security in your home and added peace of mind. With simple remote control from your smartphone or access via a keypad, you have more options to control your gate whether you’re home or not. This can be especially beneficial to homeowners who are parents or caregivers. You want to make sure your family is able to get home safely and securely.

This device has the capability to integrate with smart home assistants like Apple HomeKit and Google Home. You can also use IFTTT to connect it to your Alexa devices. The standalone app allows you to manage settings like adding and removing users as needed. The device can also be set to automatically open or close when it detects you’re approaching your home via GPS. Another added bonus is that the smart lock has built-in speakers that can play music. A great feature for those car washing weekends!

Liftmaster Gate Opener

Liftmaster Gate Opener

Liftmaster manufactures a line of garage door openers, as well as gate openers that work with slide gates and swing gates. These products are compatible with their myQ products that allow you to access smart features like real-time alerts, remote access, scheduling, and more through the myQ app on Android or iOS.

This device is a great option if you already have a Liftmaster myQ enabled gate. Its setup is easy to complete; there aren’t any complicated wires to manage.

What are the best smart locks for sliding glass doors and patios? Read our post here to learn more.

Cellular GSM Relay Switch

Cellular GSM Relay Switch

This Relay Switch gate opener comes with two relay switches that allow you to control your auto gate from anywhere in the world. This device can be controlled remotely by a phone call. Once you call, the device will recognize your number, reject the phone call, and turn the switch on or off automatically. The relay device will then send you a confirmation text, letting you know that it received your command.

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This device is a budget-friendly choice when it comes to smart gate locks. It’s a good option for gates that are located a far distance from your home WiFi network, or for people who only need a simple open or close command.

FortrezZ Z-Wave Relay and Bulldog Lock

FortrezZ Z-Wave Relay and Bulldog Lock

For a quick DIY fix to create a smart gate, you can pair the FortrezZ Z-Wave Relay with the Bulldog Lock. This is a great option for people who already have a Wink or a Z-Wave Home Hub. If you have products that are enabled with Z-Wave like SmartThings or Wink, this could be a cheap and quick solution.

The Bulldog Lock comes with a keypad that mounts outside the gate. It also has a switch similar to a garage door opener that is mounted behind the gate. To integrate these products, simply connect the Relay to the same wires you connected the button to. When you do this, the button and the relay will both be able to activate your lock. Thus, you can unlock the gate three ways: with the keypad, the button, and remotely through the Z-Wave Relay. You’ll need a smart home hub that works with Z-Wave products.

Kiao Time Dry Contact Relay Switch

Kiao Time Dry Contact Relay Switch

The Kiao Time Relay Switch comes with a two-channel relay switch that allows you to control your outdoor gate remotely. Like the GSM Relay Switch, you can control this gate opener with a phone call. It’s another great option for gates that are far away and unable to connect to the WiFi network, because it can be remote-controlled with a phone call.

To function, it requires a 4G SIM card. You call the device, it will recognize your number on it caller ID, and reject your call, so it can operate your gate. It will automatically open or close the gate.

You’ll get a text confirmation that the relay switch got your command and performed its action accordingly. You also have the option to use the WiFi module to add other programming through an app on your phone.

You can also add on an optional keyfab that allows you to control the device from inside your home, or you can carry it with you in your pocket.

How to Get the Most out of Your Smart Lock

The smart locks for outdoor gates listed above are great options for enhancing your home’s security. You can add a smart lock to a variety of different gates, including:

  • Sliding entry gates for driveways
  • Residential gates for entry to the side of your house or yard
  • Metal gates that swing open
  • Pools
  • Play Grounds
  • Tennis Courts
  • Boat Docks

The benefits of these smart gate locks are endless. They allow you to create scheduled access to your home for guests. This is a great option for people who manage Airbnb rentals.

You can also use your phone’s GPS and Bluetooth to open your gate automatically when you arrive at home. That means no more remembering an access code or fumbling for keys to gain entry.

Outdoor smart locks can integrate with your home video security system. This allows you to view visitors or strangers from your smartphone to determine whether or not you want to let them in.

With these smartphone apps, you can review your gate’s complete history log. You can check when the gate was opened and closed to ensure when your family members have arrived home safe and make sure it was not accidentally left open.

Last, these smart locks allow you to access remote locking and unlocking from anywhere. You can control the lock on your gate from the device’s app on your smartphone, which eliminates the need for keys or access codes.

Integrate More Smart Technology into Your Home

Smart locks—for your front door or your front gate—are a great way to ensure security around your home. What’s even better is that you can integrate these smart locks with a smart doorbell or other devices to create a smooth, seamless smart home experience, no matter where you are.

Depending on you and your family’s needs, you can build smart technology in your home in various ways. Learn more about all the different devices you can add to your home by reading more of our articles.

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