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5 Best Women’s Bands for the Samsung Watch 3

Last Updated Jun 25, 2022
two galaxy watches

Samsung Watch 3 can be paired with many women’s watch bands other than the original stock band that the watch is sold with. Whether you want something a little more fancy for your Samsung Watch 3 or you need a replacement for the original band that has been broken or lost, there are plenty of options online for you to choose from. 

Below you’ll find a list of five of the best women’s bands compatible with the Samsung Watch 3. From dressy bands to sporty bands and a few everyday bands in between, there’s something to fit everyone’s taste in this online product guide. 

5 Women’s Bands Compatible with the Samsung Watch 3

A major advantage of having many options for women’s bands compatible with the Samsung Watch 3 is that you can easily swap out your original watch band for something that matches your fashion and style preference more closely. 

Owning several watch bands gives you a little flexibility with your outfit and allows you to set up the perfect accessory to set it off. Since watch bands are inexpensive compared to the watch, it’s worth picking up a couple of styles to change them out on the fly. 

Supersparcle US Silicone Watch Band 6-Pack

If you’re looking for diversity in your watch band collection, this 6-pack of silicone watch bands from Supersparcle US is compatible with the Samsung Watch 3 and offers a lot of choice in accentuating your outfit with your Samsung watch. 

Here are some of the key features of this silicone watch band set: 

  • Multiple color options: The 6-pack of watch bands offers half a dozen classic neutral colors and jewel tones: white, black, silver, garnet, rose gold, and aquamarine. The company also offers other sets with 3-pack options or patterned bands. 
  • Premium silicone material: The soft silicone watch band material in these bands is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. It’s also hypoallergenic for wearers sensitive to wearing metal or plastic bands.

This everyday silicone band is a practical choice for a casual watch band you can match to your outfit. 

Bekomo Bling Band

Sometimes you need to wear your Galaxy Watch 3 to a formal event, and in that case you may need a watch band that is a little more dressy. The rhinestone-studded band from Bekomo will fit in with any formal outfit or occasion.

Check out these key features of the Bekomo Rose GOld Bling Band: 

  • Premium polycarbonate material: This metal watch band also includes a beveled polycarbonate screen protector to help prevent the watch from scratches or other damage.
    Three metallic color options: This women’s watch band comes in three colors: rose gold, silver, and metallic black. 
  • Upgraded resizing tool: The resizing tool included with the watch band allows the wearer to add or remove links at will, adjusting the watch band to the perfect length. 

This dressy watch band will fit in with an outfit at any cocktail party, but it’s also durable enough for everyday use, too. 

Toolaik Patterned Watch Band

If you enjoy fashion accessories but still want a modern smartwatch like the Samsung Watch 3, you might consider this patterned watch band set from Toolaik for your watch band collection. With several patterns to choose from, you can purchase a watch band that represents your unique style. 

Here are some of the other advantages of this watch band set: 

  • Funky patterns: These watch bands come in several cool patterns like leopard, rainbow, paisley, and floral. When you want your watch band to stand out rather than blend in, these are the watch bands for you. 
  • Easy to swap: The spring release mechanism on these watch bands make it simple to swap your watch from one band to another. This gives you flexibility in planning your accessories and outfits. 
  • Printed silicone: The silicone material in these bands is durable, soft, and easy to clean.

With these women’s watch bands from Toolaik, a combination of classy patterns and sturdy materials makes this a band suited for either casual or formal wear. 

Nereides Super Rugged Series Nylon Sports Strap

For athletes who need a watch band that is a bit more sturdy, this rugged nylon sports strap from Nereides fits the bill. With a tough woven loop design and precise multi-stitching, this watch band can handle the most rigorous wearing conditions. 

These are some of the other features you’ll find in the Nereides nylon sports strap: 

  • Wearable material: Even though this watch band is made of tough nylon, it is still soft enough for comfortable daily wear. 
  • Industrial design: The rugged design of this watch band sets it apart from softer, more modern-looking silicone bands. 
  • Sturdy buckle: The buckle on this band is constructed out of a heavy metal alloy, giving it a durable and timeless look.

This isn’t a great watch band if you’re trying to go out on the town in formal attire, but if you’re looking for a sporty watch band perfect for biking or hiking, this band is for you. 

Kirebo Mesh Loop Watch Band with Screen Protector

If you prefer a metal watch band but still want to keep things lightweight and delicate-looking, this Kirebo Milanese style mesh loop watch band is a good choice. With a screen protector included and a quick release spring system, this watch band is both stylish and practical to wear. 

Here are some other useful features of the Kirebo mesh loop watch band: 

  • Five color options: This mesh loop watch band comes in gold, rose gold, silver, rose pink, and black. 
  • Comfortable to wear: This mesh watch band won’t pull at the hairs on your arm and wrist. The feel of the watch is snug, but light and smooth. 
  • Good replacement band: This band is perfect for people who don’t like the bulky, masculine feel of the stock leather Galaxy Watch 3 band. 

For a watch band that works as well with a formal outfit as it does for everyday wear, this light metal mesh band can easily go both ways. 

Watch Bands Help You Customize Your Look

Third-party watch bands can go a long way towards adding some style and personality to your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Whether you’re trying to dress up a formal outfit, express your personality through the perfect pattern, or need a durable silicone band for sports, there’s a women’s watch band for every vibe.