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4 Reasons How Nest Thermostat Saves You Money!

Last Updated Feb 15, 2022
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Google claims that their Nest thermostat will not only save energy, but also save you a whole lot of cash! In addition to being extremely user-friendly, simple to install, and a breeze to use, it really makes it sound like the Nest is the best possible thermostat. But is it true?

The average Nest user saves 10-12% on their heating bills and 15% on their cooling bills. That adds up to about $131-$145 each year. With the current pricing of the Nest itself, that means that the device will pay for itself in only one year.

Now that we know the statistics, let’s find out a little more about the four main ways that the Nest can save you money!

The Home/Away Assist Feature

Because the Nest thermostat is a smart device, it can learn your schedule and react accordingly without any human intervention. Before we dig into the Home/Away Assist feature that Google has recently released, it’s important to note that there is another spec that the Nest has had for some time called Auto-Away.

While Auto-away will save you some money by turning off your heating or cooling in the home when it doesn’t detect any motion in the house, Home/Away Assist is even more technologically advanced and is supposed to be saving you substantially more cash as it is essentially much more effective. 

The new Home/Away Assist works by following the GPS on your smartphone through the Google Home app. With this feature, your thermostat will be able to tell when you’ve left home and will automatically set the temperature to a more moderate setting until you are on the way home, whether that be in ten hours or two days, and reset the temperature to suit your preferences.

You will have to set up the Home/Away Assist to work in this way, but the good news is it’s an extremely easy process. You can even find the instructions right here!

The Nest Leaf

Realistically, saving energy is saving money. If your HVAC system, which powers the thermostat, is using less energy then of course, your bill will be lower (as well as doing your part for the planet).

The Nest leaf is a handy feature that Google has created for the Nest thermostat which shows a little green leaf on your thermostat’s display whenever the temperature you have selected is saving energy.

If you begin to notice the tiny green leaf and which temperatures you are comfortable are energy-efficient, you can easily set your thermostat to those temps and save yourself quite a bit of money.

Self-Learning Smart Device

Arguably, the best part about the Nest technology is that it is so smart, it can learn your preferences and act accordingly. While with most standard thermostats, you have to continually change the temperature, with the Nest, you only have to set the temps you enjoy for a few days. After that, it will know what you want and adjust the temperature for you.

But how can this save you money? Well, if you think about it, you most likely set the heating or cooling temperatures at your perfect temperature when you wake up, maybe you even crank it a little if the house is exceptionally cold or warm.

Then when you leave for work or daily errands, you will adjust it again. When you get home, up or down it goes again until you go to sleep from when you probably have a more temperate setting. But really, who remembers to change it every time?

The self-learning capabilities of the Nest can ensure your temperature is set slightly before you wake up, so you don’t have to pump that hot or cold air, saving energy and of course, money. It will also learn your work, social, and sleeping schedule and be able to adjust at the correct times, even when you forget, keeping your energy bill as low as possible.

The Ability to Change the Temperature from Anywhere

All of these features are fantastic, but if for some reason you don’t follow a distinct schedule or your day veers from its normal timetables, or even if the weather changes unexpectedly, you can change the Nest thermostat temperature from anywhere you are!

Here’s a quick example of how this aspect will save you money: when you are at work, your Nest has learned that when you are far away, using the Home/Away Assist, that you like the temperature at the house to stay around 65 degrees because its the dead of winter.

However, today turns out to be a strange heat wave and temperatures rise, so you really don’t need the heat on in the house all day. Simply pull up the Google Home app and you can either lower the temperature or even turn if off completely.

Final Thoughts

The Google Nest thermostat can and will certainly save you money. However, in order to receive all of these budget-friendly options, you will have to connect your Nest to both your home Wifi and the Google App on your phone, as well as enable the Auto-Away and Home/Away Assist features.

But we think that feels like a pretty small price to pay for a lower energy bill every month!

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