The world is full of smart locks nowadays, and there’s such a wide range of different features and functionalities that it’s often difficult to make a choice and feel good about it. Your commercial property is your business, and you want to protect it the right way.

So, instead of compiling a list of standard locks that you would typically find installed in residential homes, we’ve compiled a list of smart locks manufactured by industry leaders in commercial property security. These are the four best locks you will want for your business.

Vizpin Entegrity Smart Lock

Vizpin’s Entegrity Smart Locks are a small part of their whole office networking security systems. Vizpin Locks are inconspicuous, resembling a standard latch-type door handle with a key entry.

The reality is, there’s some seriously sophisticated hardware and software going on within the Entegrity Smart Lock. It works on a Bluetooth network to avoid hacking and communicates with a Bluetooth Access Control Unit.

Bluetooth network avoids potential hacking
Controlled via app/cloud
Virtual smart keys issued and revoked at will on the cloud-based app: Vizpin Cloud Tools
4 AA batteries last years
Unlocks via cellphone
Set schedules
Stays off the local network
Grade 1 Lock
Requires an access control
Bluetooth isn’t always reliable

Entegrity locks are tested mercilessly, with over 800,000 successful activations before the final design goes into production. Vizpin works from one or two primary account holders who control who gets a virtual SmartKey and who does not.

If an employee is fired or quits, the virtual SmartKey can be revoked at the touch of a button with the Vizpin cloud network, where everyone’s access limits and credentials are saved and encrypted.

Since the entire physical system relies on Bluetooth, it doesn’t have to be tied into the business network and is therefore extremely difficult to hack. New access is granted, and the app opens the locks. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Lockly Lux Compact

Lockly is known for its commercial security locks, and for good reason. The Lux Compact is a premium lock in every way; it has a unique, number-shuffling design on its front interface. Four separate numbers shuffle around in sets of three that are nearly constant until you access it.

 It also operates with Bluetooth wireless communication protocols that render hacking capabilities moot. As with most smart locks, Lockly comes with an app available on either Android or iOS.

Three entry methods: Key/Fingerprint/Lockly App
Constantly shuffling keypad
Remote access
Bluetooth network avoids potential hacking
Stores up to 99 fingerprints
Grade 2 Lock
Bluetooth isn’t always reliable
Shuffling numbers can be confusing for new users

You can also remote access the Lockly Lux Compact from your Lockly App and grant access to whomever you want. You can also rescind access if necessary, giving you complete control of your business’ security.

The Latch M

The Latch M has a sleek yet minimalist design for one of the best smart locks on the market. To get your hands on one, you have to have at least ten units to secure, so there’s a bit of upfront investment.

The Latch M comes with the full suite. First and foremost, you’ll get the app, and it’s available on either iOS or Android devices. It has a built-in camera in the upper lens and maintains a full audit of everyone who comes and goes.

With a 12-month battery, you won’t have to worry about the Latch M dying on you anytime soon. It also has four modes of entry, including a smartphone, keypad, standard key, and smart card.

Built-in camera
Four entry modes
Photographic Audit Trail
12-month batteries
Designed with environmentally friendly materials
No additional hubs or routers required
Backup power with Qi “Jumpstart” tech
Bluetooth is sometimes unreliable
You have to purchase ten to get started

The Latch M also runs with encrypted Bluetooth, so the system is virtually unhackable, and it doesn’t require any additional hubs or routers to operate.

Kadaas K9

This is a commercial smart lock with a truly killer design. In terms of aesthetics, the Kadaas K9 is in a category all its own. Designed as a push/pull smart lock lever, it has four access modes with fingerprints—that unlock in under a second—keypad, standard key, and RF Smart Card.

It also comes with a childproof lock for children and a built-in peephole. The keypad is a modern touch display that accepts any configuration between 6 and 12 digits. With a single master passcode, the Kadaas K9 can hold an additional 10 user passwords and 100 fingerprints.

It also has a defense mode designed to sound an alarm/warning when unauthorized access is detected.

Four entry methods
Childproof locks
Defense mode for unwarranted entry
Fake code input to fool observers
Double authentication is optional
Power bank backup access
Battery lasts 12 months  
Bluetooth can sometimes be unreliable
No smartphone use

It’s hard to go wrong with the Kadaas K9. It is truly a unique-looking smart lock whose design is focused on commercial-level security.

Final Thoughts

If you want to protect your commercial property, you can’t go wrong with any of the smart locks mentioned above so you can keep your building, products and collateral, and employees safe!