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4 Best Peloton Toe Cages

Last Updated Jul 31, 2022
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Working out on your bike is a great way to keep up the heart rate and burn calories. However, it’s hard to push yourself beyond the limits if your feet keep slipping from the pedal, and that’s why you need toe cages to hold you in place. If you own a Peloton bike and have experienced this problem when working out, it’s time to get yourself a pair of Peloton toe cages.

  1. Venzo Peloton Toe Cages
  2. MARQUE Peloton Toe Cages
  3. Boerte Peloton Toe Cages
  4. CyclingDeal Peloton Toe Cages

With the market saturated with toe cages from different manufacturers. It’s important to choose the best product that will last longer and provide you with the much-needed balance when cycling. This article will look at the four best Peloton toe cages and their features.

Venzo Peloton Toe Cages

  • Adjustable Cage Position
  • Perfect for Look Delta-style Pedals
  • Dual Function

Venzo has been influential in the cycling industry by contributing to the cutting-edge accessories industry, and that’s why their Peloton toe cages take the first spot on this list. Besides being stylish, you’ll find the toe cages durable and comfortable.

Adjustable Cage Position

The biggest issue with toe cages is how small they can be for people with big feet. However, this is not the case with this product, as you can adjust them up to 15mm to accommodate any foot size.

Perfect for Look Delta-style Pedals

The toe cages are designed for spin bikes such as Peloton Bike and Bike+. However, they don’t work well with the Look Keo system and Shimano SPD-SL.

Dual Function

It doesn’t matter which type of shoes you have when using the bike, as these toe cages can be customized to accommodate sneakers and Look Delta-style riding shoes.

You get a detailed video with instructionsThey only come in black color
The toe cages are made of a durable plastic material
They only weigh 350g

MARQUE Peloton Toe Cages

  • Riding with Sneakers on Delta Pedals
  • Switching Between Toe Cages and Cleats
  • Compatible with Peloton Pedals

These toe cages stand out due to their athletic look, and that’s why they take the second spot on our list. Their looks and design aside, the toe cages have some amazing features, including

Riding with Sneakers on Delta Pedals

Don’t sweat it if you don’t have cycling shoes, as the toe cages make it possible to exercise on your sneakers. 

Switching Between Toe Cages and Cleats

You don’t need to remove the entire toe cage from the Peloton bike once you’re done cycling, as you can only remove the cage and convert it back to the Look Delta pedal. The cage is also easy to remove and would take a few seconds to accomplish.

Compatible with Peloton Pedals

The toe cages are designed to work well with all Peloton Look Delta pedals, but they’re not compatible with SPD-SL pedals. Also, they’re only meant for indoor exercise bikes.

They’re made with reinforced heavy-duty plastic to give them more lifeThe shoe strap is prone to wear and tear
They’re adjustable to accommodate

Boerte Peloton Toe Cages

  • Compatible with all Peloton Bikes
  • Perfect for new Cyclists
  • Easy to Switch

Everything about these toe cages is geared toward cycling and working out. If you’re an aggressive cyclist, then these toe cages are what you need. They’re designed to handle pressure and improve efficiency, so they take the third spot.

Compatible with all Peloton Bikes

These toe cages are compatible with Peloton Bikes and Bike+ but not compatible with Shimano SPD-SL, SPD, and Look Keo. This makes them perfect for your indoor cycling activities.

Perfect for new Cyclists

The toe cages are designed to help teenagers and new cyclists get comfortable cycling before they’re comfortable cycling on the cleats. They also support cycling in sneakers if you don’t have cycling shoes.

Easy to Switch

You can easily remove the straps once you build your confidence and wish to cycle in cleats. The cleats have a rugged look, making it possible to cycle in your sneakers without fear of slipping.

The sturdy design gives them more life and the ability to withstand pressureThey only come in one color
Easily adjustable to accommodate different feet sizes

CyclingDeal Peloton Toe Cages

If you need tested and proven toe cages for your exercise bike, then CyclingDeal is something for you. Everything about these toe cages is geared towards efficiency, from the design to the materials used, and that’s why we have to include them in the list.

Strong and Durable

Given the nature of their work, it would make sense why the manufacturer has invested heavily in making them durable. Using high-quality alloy material ensures the toe cages can withstand pressure during cycling. A pair of these can last up to 12 months.

Dual Function

Add the toe clips to any Peloton pedals to convert them to Look Delta pedals, where you can cycle with your sneakers on. You can also remove them and cycle in the cleat.

Compatible with all Peloton Bikes

You can use these toe cages on all Peloton Bikes and Bike+, but you cannot use them on any other bike.

You get videos with detailed instructionsThey’re not stylish
There is a 2-year warranty
They only weigh 350g


Toe cages are perfect for holding your feet in place as you cycle. They should be strong and capable of withstanding any pressure. All the products mentioned above are capable of doing this.