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30 Best Apple TV Apps of 2019 (Free and Paid Options)

Jun 11, 2019
Apple TV pointed to a TV

You just picked up the latest Apple TV, now what? Your options are almost unlimited thanks to the latest and greatest apps available either already built-in or through download specifically designed to operate seamlessly with your Apple TV.

Whether you want to access the latest movies and news or stream your favorite live TV or binge watch funny cat videos, there is an Apple TV app that can handle it. We’ve compiled this list of the 30 Best Apple TV Apps available for 2019. Some of them afford paid or premium subscription content, and others have both options.

Movie and Streaming Video Apps

Apple TV Netflix App Channel

These apps are designed to access your favorite videos, movies, and live TV accounts and stream content directly through some of the most popular services.

  1. Netflix – Binge watchers everywhere can rejoice. Netflix is now an included Apple TV app. Like other Netflix streaming options, this requires an active Netflix account. However, you can easily access all your favorite Netflix movies and series through your Apple TV. You can even access your different account profiles to keep track of your personal binge-watching preferences.
  2. VLC – The favorite app for iOS or Mac users is now available through Apple TV. This FREE app allows you to play any type of video from anywhere on your network, from your laptop to your smartphone, without the need for a separate network server.
  3. HBO Go/Now – an HBO Go app has been available through Apple TV since its inception. However, users can now access their HBO Now content as well. This means that you have the option of cutting the cord of traditional cable and satellite but still be able to access your favorite HBO content. Access to content on HBO Go requires cable or satellite service, while HBO Now is available with a monthly subscription.
  4. PlayStation Vue – PlayStation Vue is quickly become a major player in the move away from cord-based content and to more flexible, streaming services. The Vue app allows subscribers access to live TV, DVR, and on-demand content from over 45 of the most popular channels.
  5. Vudu – if you are a diehard movie buff that loves to purchase the latest movies on Blu-ray, then Vudu is an absolute must, most new releases now come with a digital download that allows you to add the digital version directly into your Vudu library, allowing you to watch your favorite movies anytime without worrying about keeping track of the disk. Vudu also offers tons of free content as well.
  6. YouTube – Who doesn’t love spending untold hours streaming video through YouTube? With this Apple TV app, you can easily search and watch all of your favorite YouTube content, even access your subscriptions and favorite channels. As an added bonus, Apple TV’s YouTube app also supports YouTube TVs premium subscription service.
  7. Movies Anywhere – the Movies Anywhere app allows you to link multiple movie purchase service accounts into one simple to use interface. Whether your collection of movies is just getting started or you have been an avid movie purchaser for years, this app allows you to access most of your purchased content in one place.
  8. Plex – If you need a way to store and stream your own content, then Plex is definitely an app worth considering. This free app allows you to set up a personal, private server to store and share all of your content. New for 2019, the Plex app features top of the line search features and you will soon be able to pull up your own content in the master search for Apple TV as well.
  9. Amazon Prime Video – This app allows you to access all of your Amazon Prime Video content directly from your Apple TV. You can even purchase or rent premium titles directly through the app which makes it super convenient.

Apps for Kids

Kid playing games in front a TV

Apple TV has made sure not to leave the youngest ones in the family behind. Thanks to their variety of apps dedicated to providing the highest quality content target specifically at children, Apple TV is quickly becoming the leading choice for parents that want to utilize streaming content over commercial filled cable or satellite options for their kiddos.

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  1. DisneyLife – DisneyLife is a subscription-based app that gives you unlimited access to tons of Disney movies, TV shows, and even some of those great shorts. This easy to use the app can even easily be navigated by young children making this one of the best apps for kids on the Apple TV.
  2. Ibbleobble – specifically designed for children ages 5-8, the Ibbleobble app had tons of free educational games, puzzles, and videos children will love and they will be learning without even knowing it.
  3. Hopster – This app is designed for kids. You can access games, music, even books, and much more for your child to stay engaged and gain valuable knowledge. This app features some free content, but most require monthly subscription access.

News, Weather, and Sports Apps

Apple TV Apps

Long gone are the days when everyone gathered around the television for the 6 o’clock news. Today news updates are highly in demand. We want all of the news we can possibly get out hands on as conveniently as possible from the most reliable and trustworthy sources. Thankfully many of the most common news sources also provide easy to use apps for the Apple TV platform, some of the best include:

  1. Reuters TV – Do you want to set a specific amount of time for your news updates and then be able to move on with your day? If so then the Reuters TV app will be perfect for you. This easy to use app allows you to set a specific time allotment, so you can access the most important news quickly and easily.
  2. ABC News – Like other network news apps, the ABC News app allows you to access the ABC network news information quickly and easily. This free app features a simple interface and search options to access your most relevant news topics as well as accessing some previous local, regional, and world news.
  3. CBS News – with the CBS News app you get unlimited access to the most up to date news stories free. This app is designed to cycle quickly through the days hottest news making it a perfect go-to app for the latest, and most up-to-date news.
  4. AccuWeather – this recently updated Apple TV app brings all of the most up to date weather data straight to your TV. During storm/tornado season, you never have to worry about being out of the loop with the apps built-in interactive maps that allow you to zoom in to your specific location or check in on friends and family anywhere in the world quickly and easily. The app coupled with Apple TVs high-def streaming capabilities means you will always have access to the most important weather-related news and content available.
  5. Stadium – this app is a live streaming digital service-based app specifically designed to deliver the newest content from the Stadium network. This is the newest dedicated sports network in the market, and with this single app, you can access some of the most watched sports programs, live sporting events and even replay some of the greatest games ever played. Some of the games include lacrosse, volleyball, and both men and women’s college basketball.
  6. ESPN – this is the same as the previously known WatchESPN app. This app is perfect for sports fans of all shapes and styles. From golf to football, the ESPN app allows anyone with an active cable or satellite subscription unlimited access to the newest sports stories, scores, and games. The multicast feature allows you to stream up to 4 live events, so you will never have to choose between your favorite college basketball team or MLB game during March Madness!

ESPN+ subscribers can even access SportsCenter right from the Apple TV app.

Social Media Apps

Close up on smartphone with apps

Social Media is quickly becoming integrated with every other form of visual media entertainment. These apps provide easy access to your favorite video content from your favorite social media outlets and give you the added bonus of being able to follow what your friends are also watching.

  1. Facebook Watch – thanks to the huge popularity of the social media platform of Facebook, the newer Facebook Watch app offers access to all of your favorite Facebook videos on your TV. You no longer have to get lost in the endless timelines to find that video that made you laugh out loud to show your family, the simple to use app features simple search options to access most Facebook published video content. And now with the rise of channel content on Facebook, you can now follow and immediately have access to your favorite content or immediately see content shared by family and friends.
  2. Twitter – While you can log into your Twitter account to scroll through your latest tweets and updated, the Twitter app for Apple TV is quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the live event streaming category. Twitter has recently reached agreements with major golf, baseball, football, and hockey league to bring live streaming games to the Apple TV platform.

Music and Radio Apps

Cassette tape with tape pulled out

Whether you want to shake it to the disco music of the 70s or chill with the hottest easy listening of the year, music and radio apps allow you to transform your Apple TV into a state of the art sound system that may just rival the biggest and shiniest stereo systems available.

  • Pandora – the first and still the best music streaming app for Apple TV is Pandora, this innovative music platform features a user-friendly experience with personalized stations, track ratings and new and featured artists. Streaming your favorite music straight to your TV has never been easier.
  • Sirius XM Radio – getting the most out of your Sirius XM radio subscription has never been easier thanks to the integrated Apple TV app that allows you complete access to all of your Sirius XM stations. You can even access video content from the titans of Sirius Radio like Howard Stern, Fred and Wack Pack, and many more. New content is added all the time, so you will never get your fill.

Health and Fitness Apps

25 Smart Health Fitness Devices

No need to go to the gym thanks to the range of health, fitness, and meditation apps available for use with Apple TV. Now your living room can become your daily gym and you won’t even have to worry about who may see you.

  • Daily Burn – this app is an all-access pass to the Daily Burn, subscription-based fitness universe. You can access your level of subscription content as well as stream the Daily Burn 365 live show every day. If the live stream does not work for you, the daily show is available for up to 24 hours following the live broadcast and can be accessed directly from the Apple TV Daily Burn app.
  • Calm – Individuals that need a bump in their relaxation routine will enjoy the amazing options available in this free app for Apple TV. You can access tons of meditation guided sounds, stories to help you relax and listen to some relaxing music, all designed to help melt away the stress of the day and embrace the mindfulness within.

Educational Apps

Learning should be a continual process, many experts say learning something new, no matter how significant, every day leads to a healthier mind and body. While there are plenty of apps dedicated to learning specific skills, these apps will appeal to most Apple TV users and most content is absolutely free.

  • TED – TEDtalk lovers will enjoy this app. Access all of your favorite content, search by category, and best of all it is absolutely free!
  • Lynda – Learning has never been easier, the Lynda app for Apple TV gives you access to tons of free and paid courses. The courses are also updated weekly so there is always something new to learn.

Game Apps

Mine craft

Just like our smartphones, our favorite platforms have to include playful ways to unwind and step away from the day-to-day. Apple TV has several gaming options, but the games below are so great they definitely earn a spot in the top apps for Apple TV.

  • Minecraft – This mega hot game can be played directly on your TV thanks to the Minecraft app for Apple TV. Users can work in creative mode to build amazing structures, and fantastic worlds, or compete in survival mode against bosses, skeletons, zombies, creepers, and many more.
  • Jackbox Party Pack – Jackbox Party Pack has quickly risen through the ranks of group digital gaming with their multiple platform party games. Many of these fantastic games can now be purchased and accessed directly from your Apple TV. The app allows users of all ages to play together in some of the most exciting large group trivia and party games available using their smartphone to link with the game.
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne – Get a feel for the amazing graphics that are possible with your new Apple TV with this free racing game that is constantly updated for the best action-packed adventures right on your TV.
  • Smule Sing: Karaoke – Get your sing on with the Smule Sing Karaoke app for Apple TV. This app allows users to get together with their friends, connect their iPhones and sing together to some of the hottest songs. Don’t worry we won’t be judging your singing ability!


Creators are constantly designing new and innovative apps for the Apple TV platform. We hope this list of the 30 Best Apple TV Apps has provided you with a great starting point to enjoy the best Apple TV has to offer.

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