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3 Best Eufy Camera Skins To Change Its Color

Last Updated Feb 2, 2022
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It’s everyday knowledge that surveillance devices protect us from unwanted visitors and help monitor any and all activity happening in our homes. The Eufy camera is an excellent example for all of your monitoring needs. However, it is sometimes hard to find the right protective case, or skin, to use with it to keep security footage safe from damage

If you are looking to buy or if you already own a Eufy security camera, read on to learn more about a select few of the best protective camera skins for your security device that will look stylish and last nearly a lifetime.

Why Camera Skins Are Needed For Eufy Cameras

Before I reveal the best camera skins to upgrade the look of your Eufy camera, you should know why you need them in the first place.  

A camera skin is a hardware accessory fitted over a camera device to shield the camera against the outside environment and to protect its data from contamination and corruption. 

Preventing Contaminants & Spreading Sickness

80% of most common infections are spread by the hands. Using camera skins reduces the likelihood of contracting an illness from hand-to-hand contact with security cameras, since these protectants can be easily separated from your security camera to be cleaned and sanitized. 

Contaminants of the outside environment  that can gather on your Eufy camera can include:

  • Weather conditions
  • Dust
  • Biological pollutants
  • Germs. 

You can learn more about Eufy cameras here.

Protecting Against Data Corruption

Since camera skins act as a guard against weather conditions that could damage footage, like extreme heat or rain, they can also protect security cameras from data corruption. 

Data file corruption in cameras is when information recorded by the camera becomes no longer retrievable due to physical, mechanical, or chemical damage. Lost security footage can distort potential evidence, cause feelings of anxiety, and force owners to waste hundreds of dollars to repurchase and reinstall another security camera. 

Now that you have no reason to not buy a camera skin for your Eufy camera, you should know which camera skin brands to trust first. 

Top 3 Eufy Camera Skin Brands To Change Its Color

The three best Eufy camera skins to change its color are made by the companies Eufy, Wesserstein, and HOLACA. Let’s dive deeper into each brand and what products are their best for camera skins for the Eufy camera below.


Eufy carries a brand of camera skins specifically tailored to meet the specific dimensions and shapes of the Eufy Cam 2C. It is made of silicone, which gives a smooth, surface finish to materials and is soft to the touch. This camera skin is also highly flexible and provides durability to devices it is used to protect. 

These Eufy camera skins for the Eufy Cam 2C are highly rated because the camera skin camouflages the devices well in their surrounding environments, for their ease of installation to the body of the device, and also because of their precision fit. The camera skin offered by Eufy is available in the color black and has an average price of $15.99.


HOLACA is an accessory company that creates high-value products that can be used in conjunction with smart home devices and outdoor recording equipment. Their goal is to facilitate the recording of innovative material from athletes, photographers, and everyday consumers to maximize their individual experience. 

HOLACA creates accessories with video-capture technology companies such as Samsung. Most HOLACA reviews praise the company for its contemporary design aspects, ease-of-use, its ability to conceal the camera from being obvious to the public, and its durability. The skins are available in black and pricing starts at about $13.99.

As a side note, HOLACA creates skins for the Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor. HOLACA offers these skins in white and dark grey, unlike Eufy which sadly offers no skins for the device. Pricing for these skins starts around $15.99.


If you are looking for more variety in colors for your Eufy camera skins, you are in luck. One of those few carriers is called Wasserstein. Wasserstein is a company that specializes in smart-home design and accessories. Wasserstein offers bendable, silicone camera skins that can fit with Eufy Cam 2, and also the “pro” versions of these security cameras. 

The features of Wasserstein skins are similar to the highly-rated quality of original Eufy camera skins, including the following:

  • Ease of installation
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Unique ability to camouflage the camera in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings

The key difference between Wasserstein and Eufy is that Wasserstein offers a larger range of colors for the skins. You can find Wasserstein Eufy Cam 2 skins in black, white, tan, and dark brown. These skins start at nearly $15.99.


There are fairly limited yet highly dependable camera skins you can choose from to change the color and style of your Eufy camera. The upside to the modest availability for Eufy camera skins is that selecting the most optimal camera skin brand for your taste, preferences, and budget will not be much of a challenge.

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