21 Ecobee Compatible Devices

ecobee thermostat and sensorecobee thermostat and sensor

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Ecobee has become one of the most standout smart home brands on the market, leaving its competitors in the dust. With both smart thermostats and cameras in their arsenal, Ecobee also offers compatibility with many devices ranging from traditional tech to smart vents for your home.

To make the most out of your Ecobee devices, we’ve listed 21 of the best products that sync up for added functionality.

Echo Dot

Using the power of Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa, the Echo Dot is a smart speaker that allows you to use your voice to adjust your Ecobee thermostat with ease. Its unimposing size and affordable cost make it an easy way to start organizing and controlling your smart home automation.

Echo Show

Like its counterpart mentioned above, the Echo Show utilizes Alexa, giving you voice control for your Ecobee devices, except this Echo device operates like a tablet; this allows you to interact with Ecobee visually as well. For example, you can view your camera feed right on the screen of the Echo Show.

HomePod Mini

Ecobee thermostats are supported by Apple HomeKit and have been praised as the best smart thermostats to work with Apple’s smart home experience. The Apple HomePod Mini is a smart speaker that uses the voice assistant Siri, providing voice control for your Ecobee thermostat. It has an aesthetically pleasing look and will blend right into any location you place it.


If you’re looking to invest in a smart speaker pushing the audio technology threshold, look no further than Apple’s HomePod. Along with Siri’s voice control for your Ecobee thermostat, this full-sized speaker offers revolutionary sound with impressive specs. A bit larger than the Mini but no less visually impressive, the HomePod is an excellent investment to pair with your Ecobee device.


You don’t have to have a smart home hub in the shape of a speaker to use HomeKit with your Ecobee thermostat. Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phones on the market today. Equipped with HomeKit, you can control your Ecobee thermostat with Siri right from your mobile device.


If tablets are more your thing, Apple’s iPad allows you to access HomeKit from this angle as well. The increased screen size may make Ecobee’s integration into your HomeKit a bit nicer to look at while also offering Siri’s voice control for your convenience.

Apple Watch

If you’re looking to turn down the air without having to ask a smart assistant or pick up your phone, you can access Ecobee’s app right from your Apple Watch. With this feature, you can change the temperature and settings of your thermostat right from your wrist.

Nest Mini

If Google Assistant is your go-to smart home helper, you’ll be happy to know that Ecobee works with Nest Mini to give you complete voice control over your thermostat, all without having to add another device into the mix.

Nest Hub

If the Nest Mini lacks the visual aspects you’re looking for, the Nest Hub will give you impeccable visualization of your smart home tech. The Nest Hub will show you the temperature readout from any room or thermostat, all by connecting to your Ecobee account.

Nest Hub Max

Taking the Nest Hub concept to the next level, we bring you Nest Hub Max, giving you an even bigger high-definition screen and high-quality stereo speakers. It’s an investment worth making if you want to control your Ecobee home tech from a smart hub that can do it all and more.

Wink Hub

The Wink Hub is a great way to connect all your varying smart home technology brands under one umbrella. You can control your Ecobee devices and other devices made by other companies all in the same window; this is great for the customer looking for high efficiency in home automation.

Samsung SmartThings

Ecobee integrates with many smart home hubs, and Samsung’s SmartThings is no exception. With the ability to connect to over fifty devices, SmartThings is an excellent option if you have many smart devices that work together, such as lights, cameras, or thermostats.

Abode Alarm Security

DIY home security has never been easier with Abode’s home security kits and accessories. With Abode, you can access your thermostat from the Abode app to check in on your home in a whole new way. You might as well check the temperature when you’re peeking at those security cameras after hitting the road.

Haiku Fans

Just when you thought smart home tech couldn’t get any cooler, Haiku Fans rose to the challenge. As the first in-home installable smart fan, Haiku integrates with your Ecobee thermostat to create the perfect temperature. This integration allows you to get the precise temperature and airflow you want without giving it any real thought.

Logitech Harmony Hub

Tired of going through five or so apps to get your environment set up the way you want? Well, Logitech has solved that problem with the Harmony Hub. This system turns your smartphone into a universal remote, allowing you to access several smart home devices from one central app. And, of course, Ecobee is included in their compatibility. Turning the heat on while also turning on your smart fireplace? Now that’s cool.

Brilliant Smart Home Control System

If you’re looking for an all-in-one panel to control your smart home devices, Brilliant has designed a beautiful in-wall device that integrates all your technology into one place. With Brilliant, you can manage your Ecobee alongside your smart lighting, cameras, or speakers with just the sound of your voice.


For the best of the best all-in-one smart home control, Control4 knocks any competition out of the park. Control4 makes a range of devices from universal remotes to installable panels that allow you to control every aspect of your home automation. Ecobee integrates with their technology and can be accessed through any of their devices.

Xbox One

Now this one might take you a little off guard, but what is better than changing the air temp by asking Microsoft’s Cortana to do it for you in the middle of an intense gaming moment? Using Xbox One’s Home Remote will allow you to connect to your Ecobee with minimal effort, along with numerous other smart home devices.

Flair Vents

Looking to cool only one room at a time? Look no further than Flair smart vents, which allow you to control the airflow in your home, all with the help of the Ecobee thermostat. If the Ecobee senses a room is too warm, the Flair vents will move air to the specified space, saving you both energy and money.

Keen Smart Vents

Equipped with their own built-in sensors, Keen smart vents takes the guesswork out of cooling or heating your home. These vents talk directly to your Ecobee thermostat and app so that you can achieve the ideal temperature, no matter what room you are in.

Range Extender

If you’re having trouble keeping your thermostat, cameras, or sensors all connected to your Wi-Fi, it may be time to invest in a range extender such as the Eero range extender pods. These small extenders will seamlessly blend in with your home and give your Ecobee a needed boost to stay at peak performance.

Final Thoughts

Not only does Ecobee host a variety of features within their own products, but they also have a staggering number of brands that they are compatible with. From smart ceiling fans to an assortment of smart home hubs, the Ecobee thermostat works flawlessly with these devices to give you complete control of your home’s environment.

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