21 Best Devices that Work with Smartthings 3

Man holding smartthings hubMan holding smartthings hub

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Samsung Smartthings has routinely been regarded as one of the best smart home ecosystems around right now. Yes, there are some drawbacks with the latest iteration of their smart home hub like lacking Nest compatibility, but still totally worth it.

When you factor in price, the number of devices it is compatible with and the sheer capability to connect, control and automate your home… the pros far outweigh the cons.

Fun fact: SmartThings gained popularity from a Kickstarter campaign in 2012. They were seeking $250 thousand but raised over $1.2 Million. They were later acquired by Samsung in 2014 for $200 million.

SmartThings allow you to set routines and schedules that work with your entire connected home. They have Good Morning, Goodbye and Good Night routines that you can set up in the app that create different scenarios around each.

For example, your good night routine can turn off every light i the house but leave your bedside lamp on. Maybe have the thermostat lower a few degrees as well. Pretty cool, right?

There is also a huge network of compatible products out there and we want to share with you some of the best options available.

What is Samsung Smartthings

Before we jump into the devices, you may be wondering what exactly Samsung SmartThings is.

SmartThings is the network that allows you and your smart home devices to communicate wirelessly. A Smarthings Hub acts as the brain of your connected home that you control through a singular Smartthings app.

SmartThings 3 (their most latest hub) uses Z-Wave, LAN, Cloud-to-Cloud, Zigbee3 and Zigbee to communicate with your smart home devices. It is also wall powered.

This V3 does require an ethernet cable. Samsung has come out with another hub option too. The Samsung WIFI is a router and hub combined but is a bit more expensive. It uses Wi-Fi mesh to make sure your whole is fully covered.

The Smartthings app is free and gives you the ability to communicate and control your smart home devices remotely. If something goes down at your home unexpectantly, and you have the proper smart home security in place, you will be notified in real time.

That was an extremely high-level look at how Smartthings works but if you need more, Check out Samsungs FAQ page.

Let’s take a look at some of the best products that are compatible with Samsung’s latest smart hub, the SmartThings3.

1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

We have all seen them around, the camera that answers your door when you are not home. Video doorbells are a staple in any smart home, especially the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

It is equipped with 1080p video quality and night vision infrared LEDs enable it to see up to 30 ft at night. Ring is equipped with a 160-degree field of view, has a built-in sensor to detect when anyone is at your door and a microphone and speaker so you can speak directly to your visitors.

Unfortunately, it does require a monthly subscription to get full access to your recorded video. A bit rough as the Pro model is fairly expensive.

The Ring Video doorbell is a bit more affordable and also compatible with SmartThings.

2. Ecobee4

The Ecobee4 is considered by most to be the top smart thermostat on the market. It is equipped with a built-in Alexa and a full-color touch screen measuring in at 3.5″.

Ecobee4 and SmartThings allow you to really integrate the thermostat into your connected home. Let the Ecobee learn your routines or add the thermostat into automated routines.

The biggest downfall with Ecobee4 is the high price tag but the packed features make it worth it.

3. SmartTHings for Apple Watch

Team Iphone? Apple watch? SmartThings has an apple watch app too! Pretty interesting as Samsung has a their own line of smart watches.

With the app, you can control most of your smart home from your wrist. You can activate routines and schedules and receive home alerts right to your wrist.

4. Arlo Wire-Free Pro 2

2 Arlo Cameras with Base station

If you are going to add cameras to your smart home, Arlo is one of the big boys in the ring. The Arlo Pro 2 is an extra clear HD camera that can be used indoors or outdoors. These little cameras are small, rugged and weatherproof.

It has rechargeable batteries or can be plugged into a power source. Arlo with SmartThings gives you the ability to monitor your security cameras from the same app you turn your lights on with.

One big positive is Arlo comes with optional 24/7 coverage and 7 days of free cloud storage!

One big con is the fact that these cameras are a bit expensive, especially if you plan on setting up a few. The Arlo Pro is a more budget-friendly option but only comes with video in 720p.

5. Google Home and Alexa

Echo Speaker Generation1

If the SmartThings hub is the brain of the smart home, Google Home or Alexa would be the ears. If you are the type that loves using voice commands to control your home, you will need to add an assistant.

Google or Alexa hear your commands and SmartThings executes them. If you want to turn off the kitchen light (assuming its a smart light) just tell Google or Alexa and its done.

If you are going with Alexa, easily order off Amazon with your voice. Get news updates, music or even play games with your voice assistant.

6. SmartThings Button

Smart Things sensor

The SmatThings button connects to your hub and controls other smart devices. This is for those appliances or random devices that could benefit from having a button that might not already have a switch.

Installation is a breeze with the app. Add the device from the app and remove the battery tab and it is ready to go. The button supports three actions so you can control three different devices.

The SamrtThings button is also a temperature sensor as well.

Another huge plus with this little button is they are reasonably priced. They are actually inexpensive compared to the competition out there.

7. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED Light Bulb

Philips Hue Bulbs and Base Station

Philips hue boasts over 16 million colors and 50 thousand shade of white. Who doesn’t want that kind of power? Set up light schedules and control the bulbs from the app.

Pillips Hue bulbs do require the bridge to speak to the SmartThings hub.

Add them to your home automation where they turn on or off when something happen, like a door opens or activity of any sort is sensed.

If you are using a voice assistant, control the Hue bulbs with your voice.

Bonus: Philips Hue LED light strips are also compatible with SmartThings. Add these to entertainment consoles or light up the couch, and control it all from the palm of your hand.

8. Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer

Lutron Caseta Smart Switch

The Lutron Caseta dimmer switch is considered by many to be the top of the line when it comes to hardwired connected switches. Sure its design lacks that certain oompf we have come to expect with smart devices but its functionality and ease of installation.

You can connect your dimmer switch to the SmartThings hub and control it straight from the app. You can also add the switch into custom routines like when you come home from work the lights turn on or preset morning or night routines.

The Lutron Caseta does require a hub that adds to the price a bit. Speaking of price these are a little more expensive, especially if you plan to outfit every switch in your home.

These switches are smooth with their light transition and worth the investment if you are taking your smart home to the next level!

9. Belkin Wemo Smart Light Switch

Belkin Wemo Smart Light Switches

This smart switch is for those of us who may be on a tighter budget but still want those smart light switches. The Belkin Wemo Smart light switch is a great option.

These are great because they do not require a hub and are pretty easty to install. They still give you the ability to control your lights through the app or with your voice and to add them into any routines.

One big downfall with these is they do not have the dimming feature. They are more affordable for a reason. Even without that, these are a great addition to a smart home, especially if you are just jumping in for the first time.

10. iHome iSP8 SmartPlug

iHome smart Plug

Smart plugs all have the same basic functionality, turn whatever is connected to them on and off. This one does exactly that and does it pretty well.

This smart plug even comes with an optional remote control. This plug also comes with energy monitoring so you can see exactly how much energy the device connected to it is using.

This plug is also compatible with so many other platforms outside of the SmartThings. If anything, if something happens to one you have a lot of back-ups.

One not so great thing about this plug is the price. Compared to other smart plus, it is on the high side.

11. Belkin Wemo Insight Smart Plug

Belkin Wemo insight smart plug

The Belkin Wemo Insight smart plug is also highly regarded but comes with a slightly less price tag. This plug is very compact and also comes with energy monitoring.

One downfall with the Wemo plug is the app is a bit touchy at times. I have found a lot of users that have had issues with it. That really won’t be a concern here as you will more than likely be relying on the SmartThings app to control the plug.

These are perfect additions for any smart home.

12. Skybell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Skybell Video Doorbell

If you own a home, or have the ability to add a video doorbell to your home and haven’t, you are late to the party. These things are everywhere and understandably so.

Skybell allows you to see and speak with people who may be at your front door, whether you or home or not. They have a speaker and a microphone that allow you to speak directly to whoever may be at your front door. All while watching them from your phone or tablet.

Skybell keeps an eye out for suspicious activity and if it picks anything up, it records it for you. HD video capable and it comes with free storage for a rolling 7-day cycle.

It as about 3 inches wide and may not fit by your door frame, something you would have to measure be fore purchasing.

13. LIFX Color LED Bulb

LIFX Purple bulb

In the smart bulb world, Hue is usually considered the top dog. LIFX is a very close second. The LIFX color boasts the same 16 million color options and a 1,000 shades of white.

Some say these always shine brighter than the competition as well. They do not require a hub and connect through Wi-Fi.

Since it relies on Wi-Fi, they may not be the best whole house option, especially if you have a big home. These will be as reliable as your internet connection is and if your house is larger than average, it may cause some issues.

For renters or those with smaller homes, these are a pretty good option. If you only plan on getting one or two, these are a pretty good option.

They are LED, and just like any LED, they have a much longer lifespan and use a lot less energy.

14. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt

Yale Smart Lock Touchscreen

The Yale lock allows you to create multiple codes to unlock your door or you can use your phone to unlock it. We like this one because it still allows for keys, even though not necessary.

The screen is a touchscreen and is easily seen at night because it is backlit. It can be controlled remotely, even if that means from the couch because you don’t want to get up to lock it at night.

Overall, a very solid lock choice for your home.

15.August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro with Sensor

This smart lock is great and allows you to keep your existing deadbolt. It connects to your interior deadbolt so its is a great option for renters.

This lock also uses geofencing. It will unlock automatically when it senses you are approaching the door. You can also manage the lock from your phone through the app and add it to routines.

The August Smart Lock Pro does require a hub. but it is compatible with a lot of different devices out there if SmartThings ends up not being the best fit. They are a bit pricey but worth it in my opinion.

16. Bose Soundtouch 30

Bose Soundtouch 30 speaker

We all know Bose is one of the best when it comes to home audio equipment but did you know you can tie these into your SmartThings ecosystem as well?

You can program the Bose Soundtouch 30 speaker to play doorbell sounds, add them to your routines, set them to a schedule or use them as some sort of added layer of security. Make it seem like someone is home by playing talking voices or play some dogs barking.

This thing is heavy, weighing in at about 26 pounds so you probably won’t be taking it to the beach. It is also pretty expensive but you are paying for that Bose quality.

The Bose Soundtouch 20 is slightly less expensive, a bit smaller but still awesome sound quality.

17. Ecolink Door/Window Sensor

Ecolink Door Window Sensor

The Ecolink door and window sensor easily attaches to doors and windows and alerts when one is opened. They come in white and brown to blend in better with your decor.

They are advertised as having a 3 year battery life and can be thrown into different routines within your connected home.

These can also set of routines as well. If you have one connected to your front door, it can trigger a chain of events based on what you have set up.

18. Leviton Outlet

Leviton Outlet Plug

This Leviton outlet is budget friendly and does exactly what it supposed to do. Control whatever you have plugged into the outlet wirelessly.

Just like every other device on the list, add the outlet to different routines. Use your imagination and get creative. With an entire house full of these things you could do some really interesting things.

19. GE Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Switch

GE Outdoor Smart Switch

This weather-resistant outdoor smart plug is exactly what you need to automate your outdoor space too. The Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Plug allows you to do just that.

This outdoor plug is great for automating Christmas lights too. You won’t need to step out into the cold anymore to turn them on or off. Just tell Alexa or Google to do it for you.

It is a plug-in unit so it has a shirt cord of its own but it also comes with a mounting bracket so it won’t be dangling off of your house. When it’s not in use, it has a cover to protect the receptacle.

Although these are built for the outdoors, they can still be used indoors too. But if you are looking for an indoor smart plug, your’e better off finding one designed for the indoors.

20. First Alert Smoke Detector

First Alert Smoke Detector

Not sure what a smart smoke detector really does, check out this article.

The First Alert Smoke and CO2 detector is battery operated and uses the photoelectric sensor to detect fires. It also has the CO2 sensors that, honestly, all smoke detectors should be equipped with these days.

It’s a solid option and budget friendly. I wouldn’t say it’s at the top of anyone’s list like the Nest unit but it works with SmartThings so it fits into this list.

21. Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring Floodlight Camera Photo

This one will mostly be for the homeowners. These floodlights are activated by motion sensors with 108op HD video. The Floodlight camera has built-in speakers and microphones so you can talk with whoever may be on your property.

When it senses movement, you are notified immediately. It does need to be hardwired into your home and it is built to withstand the weather. You can even pan and zoom from the app. Another cool thing with Nest is the Lifetime Theft Protection. If it is stolen, Nest will replace it for free.

If the floodlights aren’t necessary you can check out the Ring Spotlight Cam Mount. It has all the same features, minus the floodlights, panning, and zooming.

The Spotlight Cam Wizard is a little less expensive and does not require to be hardwired but rather relies on a power outlet.

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