16 Peloton Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying

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The Peloton bike is an excellent exercise bike that could be a wonderful addition to any home. As with all health equipment, it is important to be proactive by asking questions about the item before buying it. Such questions should involve the product’s sustainability, price, and value and also how it fits into your lifestyle and health needs. 

Read on to see the top 16 questions you should ask before buying a Peloton bike.

What Is the Peloton Bike Made Of?

Peloton bike buyers may forget to consider their sensitivity to the materials that the Peloton bike is made from. 

Peloton bikes have features that are made of industrial plastics that can include common additives like bisphenol A. 

Bisphenol A has been found linked to allergic reactions like asthma. Make sure to be aware of your hypersensitivities before buying a Peloton bike to avoid any unwanted health reactions.

How Should I Dispose Of My Peloton Bike When I Can No Longer Use It?

The Peloton bike has been estimated to last in optimal condition for five years. When you are no longer able to use it, it is crucial to have in mind a few options of what to do with the bike. 

Depending on your location and the demand for the Peloton bike in your location, it may be easier to donate the exercise bike or throw it away. If you choose to throw it away, be aware of pickup times for mechanical waste in your area so you can coordinate recycling or dumping of your bike safely and sustainably. 

How Often Will I Use the Peloton Bike?

The number of times that you will use the Peloton bike relates directly to your lifestyle. 

If you have a busy schedule, there may be only so many times that you can exercise on the bike without being late for your obligations. If you do not leave your space very often, you may find that it would be better to structure your use on the Peloton to not overexert your exercise or not get the full potential for the bike. 

Do a self-evaluation of your schedule by planning out non-negotiable dates and observing how much free time you have to use the bike. Set realistic exercise goals so that when you do use the bike, you do not feel anxious to meet an impossible standard. 

Must I Purchase a Subscription Program with My Peloton Bike  to Enhance Its Use?

The Peloton all access membership is a monthly subscription of $39 that can be canceled at any time. It is required with the purchase of the bike. 

Many Peloton users have found the program helpful because of the sense of community and motivation from the trainer, and the digital programs offered with the interactive display of the bike present a structured workout regimen that helps users monitor their fitness goals. 

Evaluate if you should continue the program after your first purchase, and decide if the program enhances your individual experience with the Peloton bike. You can evaluate this by reading about Peloton’s All Access Membership Program on their website.

What Are the Dimensions Of the Peloton Bike?

Knowing the dimensions of the Peloton bike will greatly help you be prepared to store the bike appropriately in your space and conceptualize the display for training videos on its kiosk. 

The dimensions of the Peloton bike are “59″ L x 53″ H x 23″ W” (59 inches long, 53 inches high, and 23 inches wide). The bike’s display screen is 20.75 inches long and 12.5 inches high, with a diagonal length of 21.5 inches. 

What Are the Best Dimensions to Fit a Peloton Bike?

Knowing the dimensions of your own space in which you would like to include your Peloton will greatly help in designing and reorganizing the space to accommodate the bike. 

According to Peloton, bikes fit comfortably in an area with a ceiling height of 8 feet or greater. It may be easier to move furniture in advance to welcome the Peloton bike if needed.

What Muscle Groups Am I Targeting When Using a Peloton?

The Peloton bike offers multiple settings and exercise regimens for specific muscle groups and body systems. For instance, if you are looking to gain weight, you should be more aware of features, video programs, and products sold by Peloton that target muscle growth. 

If you are training for endurance, it would be a better investment to purchase materials and classes that focus on improving circulation and organs of the cardiovascular system. For general users, there are settings on the bike that can be activated to target specific health goals. 

How Can I Prevent Safety Hazards on My Peloton Bike?

To avoid injury on the Peloton bike, do a risk assessment of your space. A risk assessment involves taking premature steps to familiarize hazards associated with a product, understand the likelihood of injury, and ultimately prevent injury. 

For instance, you could conclude there will be a greater risk of injury for young children if they come in contact with the bike than for adults because they typically are strong enough to remove the bike from themselves if the bike should fall on their body. 

By conducting a risk assessment, you can be knowledgeable about safety hazards to yourself and others when using the Peloton bike.

How Should I Warm Up Before Getting on My Peloton Bike?

Before starting any exercise routine, you must prepare your body. Use dynamic stretches before starting exercise and be sure to follow the exercise manual or program because the trainers have the experience and knowledge to keep you safe, reduce injury, and optimize results with the proper warm-up. 

Dynamic stretches, like arm circles, are recommended because it promotes blood flow to begin physical activity. Static stretches, like arm extensions, are best for after workouts.

How Should I Cool Down After Getting On the Peloton Bike?

After exercising, it is recommended to drink a lot of water because it rehydrates the body and cools it to a safe temperature. It is also recommended to engage in light activity while the heart returns to a normal pulse. 

For instance, it is recommended to practice gentle stretches and walk around lightly after workouts. 

How Noisy is the Peloton Bike?

The Peloton bike is reported to have low noise levels when it is operating, but any exercise equipment will make a minimal amount of noise. 

Be sure that when buying the Peloton bike you use it in a way that is compatible with others’ lifestyles sharing your space if applicable. For example, if you live with others who study or work in the evenings, be strategic and work out at other times or in a different setting than the one sharing your space. It should not be a problem for neighbors due to its low noise level.

What is the Best Equipment to Purchase With the Peloton Bike?

Peloton offers machine-specific accessories, such as cycling shoes, with their bike products to enhance user experience. Based on your preferences and goals, different accessories may suit your needs better than others

For example, one person may need to wear athletic wearable technology to enhance their experience while others do not want to do regimented workouts. With all equipment, make sure it is comfortable and tailored to your needs and dimensions.

Do I Need to Clean My Peloton Bike?

It is important to know how to clean and upkeep your Peloton bike. By cleaning and upkeep your Peloton bike with the proper tools, you can ultimately reduce injury but also maintain a sanitary environment for exercising. 

Bacteria, usually from our skin, can live on home gym equipment for nearly months under favorable conditions. It will also make upkeep easier as time passes with the usage of the bike, and if you choose to share the bike with others, it makes their experience a safe and sanitary one as well. 

How Heavy Is the Peloton Bike?

Knowing the mass of the bike is important because you will understand if the bike is compatible with your space’s building code so that its weight does not cause any damage or stress to your space’s foundation. Also, knowing how heavy the bike is will let you know how often and how easily you can move the bike and will help your strategy in placing the bike in your home.  

The original Peloton bike weighs roughly 135 pounds, and other models differ slightly in weight. You could also consider how much support the bike will provide for you. Peloton says the maximum weight of the user should be no more than 297 pounds.

Is the Peloton Bike Easy to Transport to Other Locations?

In the case that you may be moving or wish to take your bike with you on vacation, you should know if the Peloton bike can be reduced in size or folded to fit in containers or vehicles. 

According to Peloton, the Peloton original bike can be reduced in size to be moved or stored. Judge if the weight of the bike is an obstacle when using a vehicle or tool to transport it to another location.

What Value Will the Peloton Bike Add to My Life?

Buying the Peloton bike is an investment that should be thought about carefully. 

Consider how motivated you will be to use the product if the Peloton bike is the best choice to increase your health and physical activity level, if it will improve other aspects of your health such as your mental clarity and focus, or if it will help you develop a manageable and rewarding exercise routine. 

You must do your own thorough assessment of the value of the Peloton bike to be sure it is going to be a good investment for your needs, lifestyle, and goals.


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