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11 Best Ring Indoor Cam Features

Last Updated Jul 22, 2022
Ring Indoor Security Camera

Comfort and peace of mind are necessities in the home, and with a high-tech Ring security system like the Ring Indoor Cam, your home’s security is guaranteed. The Ring Indoor Cam is an in-home security system packed with the best features to give you a taste of smart living and remote monitoring.

With one or more of these indoor cams installed in your household, you can always keep an eye on what’s happening while you’re away. Below, we’ll discuss eleven unique features that make this possible. Keep reading to learn about the Ring Indoor Cam’s best features!

11 Best Ring Indoor Cam Features

The Ring Indoor Cam is packed with features that make it stand out as an ingenious smart monitoring device. You can keep an eye on your home’s interior while you have a babysitter watching your children, while you’re on vacation, or even during the day as you work from your office downtown.

Eleven of the best features offered by the Ring Indoor Cam include:

  • Live view
  • Motion-activated detection
  • High notification speed
  • Night vision
  • A wide field of view
  • Two-way audio
  • A manually activated built-in siren
  • Easy installation
  • Custom privacy settings
  • Plug-in power system
  • Compatibility with Alexa AI

 Keep reading to learn more about these excellent features!

Live View

The Ring Indoor Cam allows you to access a live recording of your home’s interior in high-definition 1080p video quality. This feature enables you to monitor and record current events in your home. You can access the Live View feature on your smartphone or other device through the Ring App.

Motion-Activated Detection

Experience the peak of smart security with Ring technology through advanced motion detection. With this feature set up in your app, your camera will pick up and alert you of movements in your home within its field of view.

You can also schedule the motion alerts at any hour of the day. This means you can choose when and from which Indoor Cam you would like motion detection-related recordings and notifications. Whenever you’re home or do not want motion detection active, simply put your camera into Disarmed Mode through the Ring App Settings.

High Notification Speed

You will definitely be surprised by the speed at which you receive Ring notifications on your phone. With motion detection activated, you will receive notifications on your phone regarding movement within your home in less than three seconds.

Night Vision

The Ring Indoor Cam’s visual strengths stretch beyond daytime recording. As a bonus feature, the Indoor Cam comes with night vision which helps you monitor your home at night or in environments without proper lighting, such as the attic, garage, or basement.

The camera uses infrared LED light to relay black and white or colored imagery and video recordings to your smartphone. You can customize this setting in your app.

A Wide Field of View

Apart from its excellent aesthetic graphics, the Ring Indoor Cam’s range of vision extends 140° diagonally, 115° horizontally, and 60° vertically. This allows you to see the interior of your house from three adjustable, wide-angle views.

Two-Way Audio

The Indoor Cam’s built-in two-way intercom allows you to communicate through your camera. You can send and receive audio messages between yourself and parties on the other end of the Ring Indoor Cam without static or noisy interruptions.

A Manually Activated Built-in Siren

Aside from speaking from your phone through the small speakers on the Ring Indoor Cam, you can activate an in-built 100dB Siren as an alarm to scare off intruders or potential burglars. This feature can only be activated while actively looking at your Live View.

Easy Installation

The Ring Indoor Cam includes a versatile and adjustable mounting base, offering an easy installation. With this base or a stand, you can choose to place it on a shelf or mount it to a wall or ceiling.

Custom Privacy Settings

Get more creative with your Ring Indoor Cam by tweaking its privacy settings. With the Privacy Zone feature, you can customize motion zones by highlighting the areas in your home you want to view on screen. You can also set shared users to dictate who, if anyone, can access your camera feeds.

Plug-in Power System

Your Ring Indoor Cam does not need to be wired to the wall or configured through some complicated electrical process. It will function through a standard power outlet.

Compatibility with Alexa AI

Ring allows you to enjoy advanced home security with AI technology connected to your Indoor Cam. Having Alexa as your home’s watchdog gives assurance of peace of mind. The Ring Indoor Cam works perfectly with Alexa, meaning there’s an artificial eye behind your camera keeping watch for you.


The Ring Indoor Cam is portable, affordable, and has a one-year limited warranty that you can extend through the Ring Protect Plan. With a plethora of unique home security features, it is one of the best home monitors on the market. With the Indoor Cam and the Ring App, you can stay connected to your home and receive real-time feeds of the activities going on when you’re away.

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