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How to Easily Install Stan on Your Toshiba TV

Last Updated Mar 18, 2022
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One of the best ways to get premium entertainment from the comfort of your home or office is to stream quality content on your Toshiba TV. While there are several streaming platforms to choose from, Stan is one you should consider getting. Thankfully, you can easily install the Stan app on your Toshiba TV.

Read on to learn whether Stan can work on your Toshiba TV and the step-by-step process to get to download the app on your TV.

How to Know if Stan is Compatible with your Toshiba TV

In the last decade, there have been different roll-outs of Toshiba TVs. These new roll-out TVs are smart and are compatible with the Stan app. However, at the same time, there are some previous versions of the Toshiba TV still out there. A majority of these old versions are not compatible with the Stan application. So, knowing whether your Toshiba TV would work well with the Stan app presents a challenge.

The best way to confirm the compatibility of your Toshiba TV with the Stan app is to check its model name and code. This is always included in the TV’s information or properties section. You can also check the TV’s carton for this information.

You can check your Toshiba TV’s carton to see if it is the model is the same as any of the ones above. If it is, then it means you are good to go with installing Stan on your TV.

How to Easily Install Stan on Your Toshiba

To install Stan on your Toshiba TV, you should:

  • Launch Google Play on your Toshiba TV
  • Search for the Stan App
  • Click and install the Stan App
  • Launch the installed App
  • Sign-up or log-in to the App
  • Begin to enjoy premium content

Launch Google Play on your Toshiba TV

The first step to installing Stan on your Toshiba TV is to locate and launch the Google Play store. If you have difficulty accessing it, you can use the search tab to search Google Play. This way, it will pop up on your screen, and you can then click on it. It will take you to the Google Play Store with different applications that you can download and install on your Toshiba TV.

Search for the Stan App

When you access the Google Play Store, you will find different applications. However, this is not what you went there for, so ignore and locate the Stan app. The best and easiest way to do this is to locate and click on the app on the Google Play Store. Doing this will bring out different streamlined applications, one of which will be the Stan app.

Another way to access the Stan app is to use the in-built search tab on the Google Play store to search for it. Doing this will also display similar applications, and you can select the Stan app.

Click and Install the Stan App

Once you have identified the app on the Google play store, the next step is to install it. follow these steps to do so:

  • First, you will need a strong Wi-Fi connection to do this. So, please check that your connection is not being interrupted.
  • When you click on the Stan app, you will see the option to install on the right side, just below the app. Click on this and watch the installation progress.
  • Once it finishes installing, it will notify you, and you can proceed to the next step.

Launch the Stan App

Once it has successfully downloaded, it will display an OPEN tab on the right side. Click on this to open the application. You can also exit the Google Play Store and return to your TV home screen. There, you will find the installed application. You can then open it from there.

Log into the Stan App

When opened, the Stan app will notify you to log in. Only when you log in can you have access to stream content. To Log-in, you have to first activate your device.

To activate the Stan app on your TV, you will have to input the 4-digit number displayed on your TV. This number identifies your device and will automatically pop up when you launch the Stan app on your Toshiba TV. Input the number and click on log-in on the Stan website.

Kindly note that the process of logging in explained above is for those with an existing account on Stan. If you don’t have an account, you will have to start afresh and sign-up for free. Upon a successful sign-in, you will enjoy a free trial that gives you access to premium and unlimited content for 30 days. 

Begin to Stream your Favorite Content

Once you have successfully signed up or logged in, you can now begin to enjoy premium content. You can navigate to different sections on the Stan app to find your favorite content. Remember that the first 30 days are free as a new member, so make the best use of them.


Stan provides you with premium content that you should not miss because you find it difficult to get it on your TV. If you follow the step and guides above, you will be able not just to install the Stan app on your Toshiba TV, you will also be able to binge-watch your favorite movies and sports.

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