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Does IFTTT Work on iPhone or Samsung?

Last Updated Jan 3, 2022

With smart home technology becoming more common every day, it is easier than ever to control our devices with a few simple actions. Smartphones, the devices that we always have at our fingertips, can also help us to control everything around us from one place.

Does IFTTT work on iPhone or Samsung? The IFTTT app is available for download on iPhone platforms, and the technology is compatible with both iPhone applications as well as Samsung electronic devices.

IFTTT, or “If This Then That”, is a mobile application that allows the user to connect all of the devices in their home. The app is free to download and is compatible with smart home devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


Using IFTTT, you can enable automatic settings that will make your everyday life more convenient with just the push of a button. For example, you can connect the light bulbs on your front porch with an app like Uber or Domino’s Pizza. That way, your lights will immediately switch on when the app notifies them that the car is on the way.

IFTTT can also help you lock your front door, post things to social media, and personalize your Google voice assistant. You can even ask your Amazon Alexa to operate your Google Assistant.

If you are in need of even more advanced features, IFTTT has plenty of them. You can enable location-based reminders to let you know that you need to buy more toilet paper when you pull up to the grocery store.

With millions of applets, or automatic commands, integrated into the software, you can do anything from getting notified on an app’s price drop to getting emails from your Alexa while you are out.

Learn more about what IFTTT and applets here.

Regardless of the devices you choose, the IFTTT application helps you keep everything connected and running smoothly in your smartphone.

IFTTT And Samsung

Compatible Samsung Devices:

  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Samsung Robot Vacuum
  • Samsung Refrigerator
  • Samsung Televisions

With so many diverse applications and devices that can be accessed and controlled by IFTTT technology, devices manufactured by Samsung are not excluded. In fact, Samsung SmartThings, the all-in-one smart home device, is compatible with the IFTTT application.

Additionally, Samsung washing machines, robot vacuums, and refrigerators can be called to action all from the same place, not to mention the Samsung televisions and other electronic entertainment devices.

The IFTTT application can control so many functions and devices all around your house from the handheld screen of your mobile device. One of the most popular devices that are used with IFTTT technology is the Apple iPhone.

IFTTT and iPhone

IFTTT iPhone Features:

  • Calendar and reminders
  • Photo backup
  • Health tracking
  • Contact syncing
  • Easy communication
  • Reading List

The IFTTT application is compatible with iPhone and helps Apple users get the most out of the iOS software. The app connects to the calendar, weather, and reminder features on the iPhone to offer helpful information to the user.

Amazon Alexa can be connected and integrated into the system to allow your virtual assistant to send you important reminders. This also includes Google Calendar and other reminder applications.

It is also a great tool for saving photos and backing them up from all platforms that can hold them. This includes photographs from Facebook and Google Drive applications.

With this feature, there is no need to worry about losing valuable memories. Everything will be automatically backed up by the IFTTT app without any additional actions being taken.

For those who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, progress can be monitored with IFTTT using the iOS Health app. This action supports sleep readings, meal logs, weight logs, and more.

This allows all of your workout progress and information to be stored in the same convenient place without even having to push a single button.

IFTTT supports both iPhone contacts and Google contacts and allows the user to edit things and make connections with those in their contact list from anywhere on their phone. For added convenience, it is possible to back up your synced contact lists on a Google spreadsheet that will make sending mass emails easier.

For example, if you need to send out a similar email to everyone in your contacts list for the holidays, or there is a party that you would like to invite everyone in your family to, you can use this feature to automate this process. Additionally, iOS users can put together a reading list that will put saved articles and content all in one place in Safari.

How To Pair IFTTT With iPhone

Now that you’ve read about all of the wonderful things that are possible on the iPhone with the help of IFTTT, you are probably wondering how you can download it and get started. Take a look at this quick guide to help you set up, or keep reading for more detailed instructions.

How to Set Up IFTTT With iPhone:

  • Install IFTTT
  • Create Account
  • Explore and select channels
  • Activate the device

Before you can begin to set up IFTTT with your iOS device, you will need to start by downloading the IFTTT app. As mentioned earlier, this app is free to download and can be found in the App Store right on your phone. This should only take a few minutes to be downloaded and ready to use.

Now that you are able to access the IFTTT app, you should see a screen that invites you to take a tutorial of the app. This is a brief slideshow that will give you the basic information about the functions of the app and how to use it. You can continue swiping over and read the slides until you reach the account screen.

Once the app is up and running, you will need to Log In to your account. If you are a first-time user, you will need to select the option to create an account instead.

Next, you will need to browse through all of the options for IOS channels, which will be the actions and applications that you will be able to access from IFTTT once it is set up.

To start this process, you should tap on the Recipe button, which is indicated by a small image of a mortar and pestle. This button is located in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then, you will select the gear icon that is placed in the opposite direction in the bottom right corner.

A blue screen will pop up with several options on a menu. You will select the button that says “Channels” in order to set up the functions that your IFTTT app will carry out on its own.

When this page loads, you will see a screen full of available channels that are compatible for use with iOS. To sync your contacts, you will simply select the iOS Contacts button, press Activate, Continue and then Done.

Upon selection, your iPhone will send you a push notification that will ask your permission to allow IFTTT to gain access to the contacts in your phone. When you tap the OK button, the connection will be complete.

These exact steps can be repeated to connect your location services, app notifications, photos, and reminders. To do this, you will just go back to the list of iOS channels and select each of them one by one. All of these processes will require granting IFTTT permission to access the information on your Apple device.

These channels are just the most basic features that can be connected with an iPhone, but there are many more options that can be synced through the same iOS channels screen. Overall, the process of integrating the information on your iPhone into the IFTTT software is quick and easy to complete.

Using Siri With IFTTT

The advanced iPhone features that can be accessed through the IFTTT app are not just limited the push of a button or the automation of a schedule. These features can be accessed and controlled by virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Home as well. So, how does this work with the iOS software in particular?

Siri is the built-in voice assistant that comes in almost every model of the Apple iPhone. Similar to Alexa and Google Home, iPhone users are able to call out “Hey Siri” and ask a question or request a task to be done within the phone’s applications. Fortunately, Siri is compatible to be used with the IFTTT app along with its similar counterparts.

Siri-Compatible Functions:

  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Weather
  • Contacts

While Siri is compatible with IFTTT and can be used to vocally call out commands to your iPhone applications, there are some limitations that come with this pairing. In general, Siri will only be able to access the basic apps that come with the iPhone, such as contacts, reminders, and calendar.

How To Connect Siri To IFTTT On iPhone

Connect Siri to IFTTT:

  1. Turn on Siri & Search in iPhone settings
  2. My Applets
  3. New Applet
  4. Enter text
  5. Continue and Save

In order to integrate the Siri technology with your IFTTT app, you will need to start in your iPhone settings under “Siri & Search”. Here, you will toggle the “Use with Siri” option to ON.

Then, you can proceed to your IFTTT app and navigate to the section that is titled My Applets. To create a custom action, select “New Applet” and choose a method of notification underneath it.

Next, the screen will prompt you to enter the credentials of the action you would like to save on your device in a blank text field. You will go through the steps as needed, d depending on the action you are trying to complete with IFTTT.

Once you have continued and saved the new applet, you will be able to call out to Siri and ask for reminders, notifications, and more. These actions will directly reflect in your IFTTT app.

Related Questions

Can I use my Fitbit with IFTTT on iPhone?

Yes. You can sync the information on your Fitbit with the Health app on iPhone using IFTTT. This includes tracking your weight progress and exercise levels automatically.

What other devices can IFTTT connect to in my home?

IFTTT is compatible with tons of smart home devices that will automatically work for you around the clock. These devices include the Roomba robot vacuum that navigates itself around your house to keep your floors clean at all times. The same thing goes for other devices such as light bulbs, smart plugs, and more.

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